Sleigh Bells Ring...

Since I am an avid horse lover, I have always loved antique sleigh bells. I envision someday owning a horse sleigh, with bells attached to horse, pulling us through the snow, with hot cocoa in hand. I actually love any kind of old bell on an animal. My husband and I went to Italy a few years ago and stayed at the most glorious villa in Tuscany. Every morning we would wake up to about six sheep walking under our window with their bells ringing around their necks. I would burst open the old wooden shutters and just stare in awe. Seriously... I felt like I was in a movie! It was a beautiful way to start my morning each day. So ever since then, I have had a love of old sheep bells, goat bells, any kind of antique animal bell really. Below are some pictures of bells that I would love to find while out antiquing.

These bells from pinterest are antique sheep or goat bells. Just like the ones on those sweet sheep that woke me up each morning on my glorious vacation.

I just love the simplicity of these bells from Driven By Decor. Maybe I'll try my hand at making a strand for my mantel.

These vintage sleigh bells from Etsy are exactly what I want. Old bells attached to an old leather rein. I saw some recently at an antique store, but the price tag was really, really high. I think I can do better if I keep looking. I want to hang them on my door for Christmas. I think it would be a really great farmhouse chic look.

And this sweet little old bell is from Etsy too. It was probably used on a sheep or a goat. I love its rustic simplicity. So charming.

So yes, I have a love for these darling old bells, though I do not own a single one... yet. That will soon change. I promise. And when I pick up my first few, I will post pictures of my home decorated with them. I don't yet have sheep to put them on {but boy would I love to get a few!} That goes right along with my dream of my horse sleigh! I have Christmas on the mind already...

Make Your Own Pretty...

It doesn't cost a fortune to make something simple into something pretty. I have a vintage sled that I hang my old ice skates off of at Christmas. It looks so perfect on my front porch, along with all my greens and white lights. The picture below from Post Road Vintage is a perfect example of how to add some charm at no extra cost. Real greens make anything pretty. I love a sprig of holy on a gift as well. To me, keeping it simple makes it much more beautiful.

This next picture is of some vintage french books that I bought off Etsy with a rusty little bird resting atop in my dining room. Just simple and pretty.
So go ahead, make your own pretty! 

Paint Colors...

For me, one of the hardest parts of refinishing a piece is choosing a color. The right {or wrong} color can make all the difference. I tend to love robin's egg blue and green hues. But I also know that neutrals go with any home decor. Funny enough, the pieces that I paint shades of red or green always tend to sell the fastest. It seems people like a little splash of color. Sometimes I will paint a piece and sit with it for a few days before selling it. I don't just paint and sell, paint and sell. I want my pieces to be just right. I even once listed a piece on Craig's List only to remove it a few days later because it didn't feel right to me. I needed to change a thing or two. I put a lot of thought into my pieces. And a lot of time. But the right color is an absolute must! I am in the process now of painting a darling bench a gorgeous shade of robin's egg blue. Gulp. I love it! Below are some bold shades of red and green that I just love.

This green dresser on pinterest is just beautiful. I love its tall legs, rather than just resting flat on the floor. The piece itself has character, the green just adds more elegance.

This red dresser is from Miss Mustard Seed. I adore shades of red on pieces. Even if it's just red knobs. I think it has such rustic charm! Don't get me wrong, white and ivory can look lovely too, but sometimes a piece just needs that little pop of color to feel finished.
If I am going to paint a piece in ivory or white, I always use a bit more distressing to give it a little something extra. I love the look of this dresser from Pretty In Paint. White with grey exposed. Just perfect! 


How To Choose A Piece...

Since my blog is new, I figured I would tell you a little bit about how I choose my pieces to refinish. I try to always pick a piece that is interesting. It has to have something that is unique or that grabs me. Whether it's curved lines, caster wheels or keyholes, I know the piece as soon as I see it. I then look it carefully over to make sure drawers slide smoothly, wheels glide nicely, and the piece is overall in good condition. Not perfect condition... good condition. Sometimes those little chips or scratches add tons of character to a piece. Especially a vintage piece. Those scratches or little dings can look really cool once the piece is refinished and distressed. I try to stay away from pieces with straight lines because I find them boring. I try to work only with pieces that I love and would want in my own home. So far I have been able to stick with that motto and it has served me well. So that is my method. I hope it helped if you are thinking of refinishing a piece! The picture below is from The Modern Cottage Company. It's a perfect example of what I'm talking about when I say I try to always choose pieces with interest; keyholes, curves and a delicious shade of blue!


  1. Hi,

    We scored a beautiful hutch off Craigslist and brought it home with the intention of refinishing it. Unfortunately we just haven't had the time or the space to complete the project. Is this something you'd be interested in working on? You can reach me via email at Please let me know! Thanks in advance.

  2. Good Karma....Thank you soooo much for the dresser you just restored for me! It was a godsend finding you! My dresser was knocking on death's door, but you brought her back to life with not only your FAB paint supply, but your vision as well! I cannot thank you enough!