Thursday, May 29, 2014

The 4th...

Hello my little dream weavers.

My mom says she feels like reading my blog is like peeking into someone's diary. I kind of agree because sometimes it's just me writing my thoughts down. No real rhyme or reason. Today is one of those days where I'm just typing a little this and a little that. No theme for today.

I just got home from an awesome ride on Isabel. Perfect way to start the day. She was spot on today. Love my girl.

Another perfect way to start my day is enjoying my morning coffee outside {although I've almost kicked my coffee habit... I've moved on to these delicious isagenix protein shakes. So yummy and super healthy for the body too. Can't beat that, right?}

And now... I move on to my next unrelated topic, the 4th of July. I love the 4th of July. We got engaged at the fireworks years ago during the grand finale. So the 4th has sentimental meaning to me. We always have an American flag hanging off the front of our house year round, but come June, we put out our 4th of July buntings on our front porch railings and keep them out all through August. I love how it looks. Super festive and summery.

This picture reminds me of all things summer and 4th of July. I am obsessed with the old pickup truck too. I really want an old vintage beauty like that. It's so farm girl chic.

I hope you enjoy your Thursday. It is a beautiful sunny day in CT today. I'll be sure to soak up some vitamin D outside!


Pic via: Country Living

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Dynamic Duo... Back Together...

Good morning sunshine!

Remember this picture from one of my older posts?

I talked about how that was just like my best friend and me growing up. Blonde and brunette. The dynamic duo. And that she lives across the country now so we never really get to see each other.
Well, guess what? I just got a text from her that she is coming to town in June with her daughter! We are going to have a sleepover together! Isn't that so fun... perfect... awesome... epic! This will be the first time I'm meeting her little girl.
I can't even see straight I'm so excited. She said she wants me to sleepover because she wants me to spend as much time as possible with them. Sigh. Melts my heart. Just like old times. I can't even count the number of sleepovers we had as little kids. Probably every single weekend for years and years and years.
When I don't think about her, I'm fine. But when I do think about her, I miss her so much. Seriously, when we were little, you didn't see one without the other. We were that close.
So on this Wednesday, my day is starting out with this piece of happy news. It makes my cup runneth over. I am so blessed to have so much love in my life. So very blessed. And so very grateful.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Little Bumble Bee...

Hi there.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I have been playing catch up since I was away last week and haven't been in a bloggy sort of mood. I have been more like a busy little bee... Running here and there. Doing this and that. Tying up some loose ends...

You know the drill. I just need to hit the re-set button to get my butt back into gear. I hate when I have a million things hanging over my head. I feel like I'm drowning... Not a good feeling.

But I'm slowly chipping away at all the things on my to-do list. By next week I should be back on my feet. Hope you continue to follow along and be patient with my little hiccups along the way!!

Love and hugs.


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Art Of Swimming...

Hi again.

I'm back! I had a busy day getting back into the swing of things, starting with a ride on Isabel. As for my trip, it was a lot of sitting in a "classroom" type of environment with a lot of studious and highfalutin folks, but I learned a ton crammed into three short days.

The truth is it felt like 3 long days though. There was so much information to absorb, so even though I was technically just sitting, by the time I got back to my hotel room every night, I was totally spent. I think it was more brain exhaustion.

I researched my hotel before I went so I knew it had a beautiful pool. I went and bought a new bathing suit so that I could do some swimming every night.

Little did I know how much I would need that swim. I am not exactly a great swimmer. I can swim, but it's nothing too fancy. Let's just say that I won't be winning any Olympic medals any time soon. My goal is simply to exercise and enjoy.

Anyway, when I stepped into that pool, the water was so warm and welcoming. It didn't take but two seconds for me to dive right in. I swam and swam, trying to get my heart rate going. Back and forth I went, side to side, treading water, breaststroke, backstroke, you name it, I did it...

I had the whole place to myself so it was incredibly peaceful. At the end, I floated on my back for a few minutes, ears underwater, listening to the sounds of the water splashing ever so slightly against the sides of the pool. Have you ever done that before? Honestly, it was the most relaxing part of my whole trip... being in that pool. There is something about swimming that kind of takes you outside of your own head and into another world. A tranquil, soothing world full of sounds and sensations. The swimming felt good. The floating felt even better. The sounds were relaxing. The sensations were calming. It was good. Yes, it was all good.

Now that I'm home, I have been looking into how I can make swimming a part of my weekly routine. There is a pool in town that I can use at certain times of the day for "adult free swim." Sounds kinda perfect, right?

I never realized how soothing swimming can be. I guess in the past I've always been with other people when I've gone swimming. Never did I think I could find enjoyment in it as a solitary thing. But I did. That's why I love trying new things. Had I not done this, I never would have realized the calming effect it would have on me. You just never know when something unexpectedly will add some spice or happiness or relaxation to your life. I'm trying really hard to live my life with no regrets. And trying new things is at the top of my list.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Outta Here...

Good morning!

It's a beautiful Saturday morning...

Sunny after a night of pouring rain and thunder. It feels so peaceful out right now.  All is still damp and quiet. The sun is just starting to warm things up. There are only a few little birds getting their morning breakfast at our feeders. Beautiful start to the day.

Anyway, I think I forgot to mention that I have to go away for part of next week. I 'm leaving tomorrow and won't be able to blog until I get home. I'm going away for business, not fun.

It will be excitement for my brain though. There is a lot to learn on this trip. Three days worth of intellectual stimulation. I am actually really looking forward to it.

I love learning, growing and stretching my mind. Every day is an opportunity to put something new and great into your head.

So until Thursday my loves... Bon Voyage!


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Friday, May 16, 2014

Tis The Season...

Like it or not y'all, tis the season for bathing suit shopping! It comes upon us in a blink of an eye, right?

Since I have a summer trip planned, I actually want to buy a few new bathing suits and some summery things.

Here are my wants:

I love the ruffled top on this one.

Kind of a ruffled top and I'm really liking the mix of colors on this one.

The bottoms on this one are adorable. I think this one made my must have list. 

If I'm going one-piece, I'm going cute one-piece...

Again, great colors.

And you can't be on vacation without a lovely cover-up. I love elephants, so this one is perfect.

A sunhat is on my must have list too. This one is cute enough to wear around during the day but great for the beach too. Love. 

This will be my summer staple. I have tons of maxi skirts. They are comfy and easy. They go with anything and can be dressed up or down. Perfection.

The stripes are summery fun and the bag is giant {just the way I like it.} She looks like she is ready to go boating.

This look is just a fun pop of color for the wardrobe. Loving the pink and aqua mix. Fun and fashionable. 

I can't wait to start my shopping for my summer vacation! I won't go crazy but I will definitely be buying a few goodies to take along to The Vineyard with me!

Hope you have a nice weekend!


Pics via: Anthropologie and Pinterest

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Joy Rising...

Yes, you know them...

Those people who walk into a room and everyone gravitates towards them...

Wants to be friends with them...

Wants to know them...

Wants to be like them...

There aren't too many people like that out there. But when you see one, you know it.

I was watching an interview with Dolly Parton yesterday. Yes, Dolly Parton. She was way before my time so I never really knew anything about her. But listening to her talk yesterday I thought, yes, she is one of those people. She exudes happiness and positivity. She radiates joy.

I once heard it called Joy Rising. I believe I heard that term from Goldie Hawn. She is another one who is before my time, but I think she is truly fantastic. She actually described herself as Joy Rising. You don't have to know her to feel it from her. She was on an interview that I watched years ago and I felt it way back then. So when writing this, Dolly came to mind first because I saw her interview yesterday. But I was thinking of other women who ooze joy and positivity and I remembered Goldie's interview. She was simply glowing with happiness.

I mean look at that laughing smile. And Kate has it too!

I guess some people might believe it's because they are rich and famous, but I don't believe that for a second. How many celebrities are out there who are arrogant, selfish, negative and miserable. So I believe it's something internal that these women have.

The other woman who I think fits under the Joy Rising title is Drew Barrymore. She is someone from my generation who is definitely one of those people. When you watch her talk, you can't help but smile. You can feel her genuineness... her happiness.

I love how she can be silly and have fun.

You can feel her joy just looking at her! 

I know I've said this before, but my yoga teacher is another one. She exudes tranquility, happiness and love. You want to talk to her. You want to be near her.

I wish the world was full of more people like these women. I know I'm going to start making more of an effort to be more of a Joy Rising kind of woman.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ocean Blue...

Hi there my little wombats.

Ever hear the word tabata? Ever do tabata? Google it and you'll see how my morning began. Just so you know, tabata is my nemesis. Most intense 4 minutes of your life... but the results are showing. Big time.

Now on to fun topics. Dining rooms!

I could just die looking at this dining room. I know, most people would think it's too plain or too colorful or not fancy enough... Something like that. To me, it's divine! Those floors... in a shade of blue that feels like the ocean. And I'm in the process of painting a farm table that exact color! I think she will be a keeper. My friend really wants to buy it, but I don't think that's going to happen. I think that lovely table needs to stay put with her mama. Okay, I'm being dramatic. But I really do think I'm keeping her.

I love the eclectic mix of chairs with the table too. And that window? Yes please. This room just speaks to me. Am I the only one that happens to? Nah, can't be... {Hope not!} I feel like a room gives off a vibe. Houses give off a vibe. People give off a vibe. Right? Well to me, the vibe of this room says simple, beautiful, comfortable and whoever decorated you rocked it out.

And then I would so need to have this light from Dot and Bo hanging in that room.

It's Wednesday. One more day until I get to see my favorite girly equine. Yippie!


Pics via: Country Living and Dot and Bo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Blonde Walked Into A Bar...

So... I went blonde. Yep. Not my whole head, but massive amounts of blonde highlights. I do this every summer, but I went to the extreme this year. I guess I needed a change. Here was my inspiration picture:

I didn't bring the picture with me to the salon, but this was the gist of what I wanted. It doesn't look exactly like the picture {does it ever?} but I do love how it turned out. It freshens and brightens my whole face up.

Sometimes a little change is a really good thing.

A new look for summer. A new season. Good things to come.

P.S. It's my brother's birthday today and he took the day off from work and went to Brimfield {without me!!} Total bummer. I can't go until July. Boo.


Pic via: who knows.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Saturday Stroll...

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

As usual, my weekend flew by way too fast. I think that means I need to start being more mindful of my weekend time.

So we got some pretty great news in this family! My parents are moving back up to Connecticut. They have lived out of state for about 20ish years {something like that, but it feels like more!} I got a call from my mom yesterday saying that they are going to put their house on the market this week and be in CT as soon as possible! Sooooooo excited!

I had a really fun weekend. I went for a Saturday stroll {okay, it was more of a speed walk, but let's not split hairs} and took some pictures. I love my small town. I would be miserable in a big city. I need grass and trees and birds singing in those trees and animals and lots and lots of space. Even going to the city (New York) stresses me out. Cabs honking, tons of people all in a rush, tall buildings, and mayhem... But that's just me. Some people thrive on that. I thrive on sitting at night by the fire pit, listening to frogs croak, seeing fireflies, a glass of wine in hand... and it's not a rare thing to see a tractor driving on the road filled with hay in my town. Yes, that's my version of Utopia.

So back to my stroll. I live down the road from two amazing places... One is a nursery with the most insane flowers, trees, etc. It is kind of "the" place to go for your garden if you live around here.

The other place is a farm down the road where they sell mostly fruit, but they also sell seasonal things like pumpkins and Christmas trees in the winter. They have a massive apple orchard and during season, they tap sap from the maple trees to make their own maple syrup! I love stuff like that. But the best part is that they have animals that you can feed and pet. I swear, for farm animals, they are the friendliest little things I've ever met!

These two mares are mother and daughter Shires. I spotted them grazing up on the hill together. They are simply beautiful.

This goat thought he was a dog. He came right up to me and let me scratch behind his ears and was loving every second of it. I so want a goat!

This little goat was the smallest goat I've ever seen. I don't know if he is some kind of mini-goat or a baby goat, but I want him! Minus those crazy sharp horns sticking off his head.

Back to the Shires. See the one way up on the hill?

She decided to come check me out. These girls are massive in person. If I wouldn't have gotten arrested, I would have hopped in her paddock to hang out with her. 

And then there is this... Just so cool.

 Someday I want to get a really nice camera because I love taking pictures. It is a fun and creative hobby that one can do at any age. I just need to save up a little because a nice camera with a good lens is super expensive. But it will be worth it!

Happy day to you!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Have Suitcases... Will Travel...

Happy Wednesday Loves.

I remember a few years back I went to Brimfield and picked up several cool vintage suitcases. My thought was that I would use them as a side table in my living room. As I was walking around with my fabulous new picks, a man {a sweet husband who was probably dragged to Brimfield with the rest of the husbands while their wives were in some sort of antiquing-frenzied heaven} looked at me quizzically and asked "are you going to use those to travel with?" I couldn't help but laugh a little... No silly. I bet if it was a woman, she would have known right away that I was going to use them for something, but that something wouldn't include traveling...

The reason I even laughed {otherwise I would have thought it was such a cute question} was because I envisioned myself strolling through the airport with my vintage beauties in hand. It would be quite a look... but definitely not the look I'm shooting for...

But I still have them. I no longer use them as a side table, but rather tucked under a console table for added dimension to my dining room. They are aesthetically dead on and perfect for my space.

So in celebration of my little suitcases, here is a picture of some stacked as a bedside table. So fun, right?

Get creative with whatever pieces you use. And only use what you love!


Pic via: Country Living

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweet Caroline... Bah Bah Bah...

The song Sweet Caroline has been humming through my head all day, except I'm singing Sweet Isabel instead.

We had the best ride EVER today. We were perfectly in sync. She knew what I wanted before I even asked. It was pure magic.

When I have rides like that it makes my whole day. It's like that runner's high. I get that from a perfect ride. Well, I get that even if it's not perfect, but today it was as close to perfect as perfect can get.

Isabel was in a great mood. When I got to the barn, she was outside in the sunshine, rolling in a mud puddle. Then she got up and ate a bite of hay, then grabbed a sip of water. Yes, she has the life.

I had to spend extra time grooming her because she was such a total mess. One big wet dirt ball. But you know what? She was happy. I could feel it. She was happy to have been in the sun, rolling at her leisure. She gets treated like a princess at the barn and is one lucky girl.

As soon as she was all prettied up {which is not hard to do because she is beautiful, even with mud caked on her,} I hopped on her and she was ready to work. I had to slow her down because she was too ready to go. It was so cute. She had her fun and knew it was time to do some work.

I can't tell you how much I love that girl or how happy she makes me. I know I try to put it into words, but words do not do her justice. It's a feeling inside that's really indescribable. I just adore her. I even gave her extra peppermints because she is my Sweet Isabel.

Happy Friday.


pic via: pinterest

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just A Girl And Her Boots...

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! I hate the rain. I know, I know, we need the rain to make things grow, blah blah blah. But I hate it. I prefer the snow to rain {don't pelt me with rocks for saying that.}

The only thing fun about the rain is getting to sport my Hunters. I love them. I wear them with jeans, a skirt, a dress, and even shorts. So cute, right? I can slop around in them in the mud, rain, snow, whatever. They are my favorite! And all the colors they come in? Drool...

Sunny yellows are just HAPPY. 

 I love the pinks too.

 And with a ribbon in back? I die.

Union Jacks! 

Even monogrammed Hunters? Yes please!

A pair in every color of the rainbow. I want one of each...

So while it's cold, wet and muddy here today, I'll happily traipse around in my cute Hunters to brighten my mood. Such an easy, quick fix to uplift me on a rainy day.


Pics via: pinterest