Vintage Love

Tag Sale...

I went to this huge warehouse tag sale today with tons of vintage stuff. It was freezing in there, but I stayed just long enough to snag a few goodies!

I have been wanting a vintage kitchen scale for a while. I found this rustic one that looks awesome on my kitchen counter with its rusty spots enhanced by the beiges of my granite and backsplash. I just love it! And I got it at such a bargain price too. It really does pay to hunt around for something. I saw scales similar to this priced much higher; and honestly I like this one much better and I only paid a fraction of what those other scales cost! Score in my book!

I have been wanting vintage clothes pins to put into mason jars as decor in my living room. I spotted the mason jars first {which need a really good cleaning, but aren't they charming?} and later a whole bucket of vintage clothes pins. I bought every single one plus the two mason jars. Once I scrub those jars clean, they will make their debut... Right now they are just sitting on my farm table, waiting for a bath. 

It was a fun morning. I love going to tag sales, barn sales, antiquing or thrifting! Such great vintage things around every corner.

Barn Sale:

I went to a great barn sale today and scored some cute things that I wanted to share. The first is an old iron rusty milk jug that I have been wanting for my front porch for ages.

The next thing I found is an old watering can. Also, something that I have wanted for ages. So vintage and cute! It too is going on my front porch next to my old, chippy paint church pew.

Then I found this antique farm table from the 1900's. The wood is beautiful and it has a little drawer on the front. I am going to refinish it with a darker stain on top and distress the legs. I'm not sure yet what color the legs will be. But it's going to be for sale when finished. So all and all, it was a great day at the barn sale!


  1. HI! Great eye! How do you find out about the barn sales and such? I'm so NOT connected to the world (on purpose) and wonder how you find out when/where there is a sale worth attending. Thanks for letting me know...

  2. Hi. I will usually see them posted in the paper or online. Or if I am driving by one I am always sure to stop. It's really hit or miss because you never know if there will be any good finds there, but that is always part of the fun for me... the hunt! If you drive to towns like Killingworth or other towns with lots of farms, there is usually some sort of barn sale going on during the weekends. :)