Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Dining Room Chairs Are Finished... {Almost!}

These chairs were a lot of work since I painted them all by hand and there are lots of spindles. They are 6 oak press back chairs in beautiful condition. I painted them a creamy vanilla color {my favorite!} and added black numbers on the top. I still have to wax them, but I wanted to show them to you anyway. I'll wax them all today. They look so lovely in my petite dining room and add such charm. And I love the mix of the cream chairs with the dark wood of my farm table. I couldn't be happier with the results. Here are some photos!



I like this chair the most because my favorite number is 7.

And my husband's favorite number is 11...


No chairs, but I like my horse picture reflected in the mirror...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Simplicity... Lifestyle...

French Farmhouse Living is about more than delicious decorating and to die for vintage pieces. It is about a certain kind of lifestyle. It is about simplicity. It is about beauty. It is about bathing yourself in lovely. There are so many facets to surrounding yourself in beauty... And doing it on a budget. I am very in tune with living my life authentically... living for what matters to me... cutting out what does not. I am actually very good at doing that.

But it encompasses so much more. Yes, I strive for balance and beauty in my life. But I want to inspire others {along with myself} to take this journey to a place of happiness, peace, beauty, nature, balance, and tranquility in their lives.

So what I am aiming to do is create different topics to focus on and bring on one or two contributing editors to talk about all kinds of really great topics, all focusing on a healthy, mindful, beautiful, simple lifestyle.

Of course the main focus will still be the French Farmhouse Lifestyle, but some of the topics will be cooking, eating, organic gardening, farm life, personal style, shopping, making your home beautiful, DIY projects, simplicity, health and fitness and organic beauty products. It's about taking the best care of you that you can! On tight budgets {even shoestring budgets!} and not enough hours in the day schedules. It's for real people like you and me. It honestly and truly is about simplicity.

I have studied many years about how the human mind works. What makes people happy. How to overcome obstacles in life. What I have come to understand is the more one has, the more one wants. Instead of being grateful for what one already has and enjoying those things, there is a deep rooted need for more. That puts someone on that hamster wheel that becomes internal chaos and stress. To let it go isn't easy, but it is so worth it for your inner peace.

Here are a few pictures to get started:

Home: making your environment beautiful. I have lots of lavender throughout my home. It's soothing scent is calming and it is pretty to look at. For me, having natural things in my home makes me feel the most relaxed and content. Nature brings in a sense of beauty and peace.

Home: Simplicity. Old vintage bread boards look so pretty in a kitchen. I don't like clutter, just a few well loved pieces on my kitchen counters. Taking the time to clear your counters is a great step in the right direction. I bought the most beautiful apothecary bottles at a flea market this weekend. Embossed and a beautiful shade of soft blue. I got them for such a bargain price too {7 of them!} Just simple and pretty. I LOVE them!

 Home: Nature again. Flowers bring such an element of beauty into a home. Tulips placed in an old pitcher set on the table. Back to the basics... simplicity. It will give you a sense of balance to feel like your home is not exploding with stuff...

Food: Organic eggs in beautiful colors. I watched a show last night {I tuned in late so I don't even know what the name of it was,} but it was extraordinarily inspiring... about healthy eating to decrease one's chances for developing all kinds of nasty diseases, including cancer. I am going to dive in starting today and commit to eating a healthier lifestyle. I don't eat any red meat or pork and always buy organic fruit and dairy. But this is different. This is being extremely conscious of what I put in my mouth. I am actually going to buy a juicer too. I am not on the juicing bandwagon trend, it's more because I don't eat many veggies, and this is a way to get them in my body. It's not about a diet at all. It's just about trying to eat foods that will give me energy, vitamins and nutrients that the human body craves, with as little pesticides as possible... because I just don't do enough of that in my life right now. I'll keep you posted because this is going to be a toughie for me! I'm not expecting miracles overnight. Just baby steps in the right direction. No internal criticism, just trying my best.

 Gardening: I have always wanted to go into my back yard and pick some lettuce for a salad. Why haven't I done it? I have no reason. No excuse. But I can easily learn about gardening; there are many books that I have just been too lazy to read. It's about being real with my excuses too. There really are no excuses.

Decor: Natural vintage French baskets. Again, bringing in a natural element and texture into my home is ideal for me.

Decor: This is an example of something that is beautiful in your home. And useful. But really it can be something as simple as a lovely mug that you drink your morning tea out of. {I'm going to try to kick my coffee habit and start drinking tea. I just bought organic lavender and chamomile tea.} Beauty does not have to cost a lot of money. Sometimes I gather sticks and greens and put them in little glass jars around my house. Easy. Budget friendly. Simple. Lovely.

I actually own this shower curtain. It is one of those things that as soon as I saw it, I wanted to order it. I love taking showers and this cheerful shower curtain makes me happy every time I step into my tub. It's from Garnet Hill.

Organic beauty: I have a book I love called Gorgeously Green. It is all about finding beauty products that aren't loaded with cancer causing chemicals. I have been slowly easing all of my toxic makeup out of my home. {I never even knew it was toxic!} But when I started reading about it and educating myself on it, I was horrified at some of the chemicals used. Our skin is our largest organ and our bodies soak in whatever we slather on it. Now this is a little tricky. Organic, natural makeup and products can be expensive. But I'm looking at it as an investment in myself, my health. It lasts a long time and I can just skip going out to dinner once in a while. I've even gotten my hubby on board with organic skin products. But I have also made my own organic heavenly scrubs and soaps that hardly cost a thing.

Exercising: like most people, I don't love exercising and I make excuses as to why I don't have enough time to do it. But really, they are just excuses if I am being very, very honest with myself. I am not a gym person... I don't like it. But I do like other kinds of exercising, such as yoga, hiking, paddleboarding, paddleboard yoga {obviously in the summer} and horseback riding. So instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, I am going to do exercise that I enjoy. Yoga is one of the healthiest things I can do for myself. It has so many amazing benefits; I want to be proactive with my health instead of reactive. Keeping limber and flexible is so key, rather than running to the doctor after you've hurt your knee, back, neck, whatever. The one thing I will force myself to do is lift light to moderate weights, but I can do that from the comfort of my own home! It keeps your bones strong!

Horseback riding is amazing for your core strength. It works your stomach and back muscles in ways that you never knew it could. Not to mention your legs. And it gets your heart rate up as well. By the time I'm finished with a ride, I am thoroughly sweaty, tired and sore. Better than the gym any day for me!!

Style: find a style that is you. Don't just wear clothes in your closet because you have them and they fit {even though that does help!} What I really mean by that is to have a few pieces that are really you. A great scarf... a beautiful necklace... tall socks... a soft, cozy sweater. You can shop high end to consignment stores and anywhere in between. Style does not have to cost a lot of money.

 So this is my first attempt at a lifestyle blog. I hope you found one or two little things inspiring. If so, please share on the blog. And please share your own ideas too! This is a place where I would love to hear from you!!!

Be well.

Pics via: pinterest.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Doggie Klutz, Never Ending Spindles and Yoga...

The paint I use on my pieces is a very high quality expensive paint, and to my knowledge there are only 2 places in Connecticut that sell it, both being about 45 minutes from my house. So I kind of view my paint as liquid gold... So you can imagine my horror when my dog went running past my open can of coveted cream colored paint and knocked it over... Thankfully, it didn't all spill. But I am painting my new dining room chairs with this precious cream color, all 6 of them. {This is actually the second time she knocked a can over. The first time, she left painted paw prints all over my driveway. You would think I would have learned...}

Which reminds me of why I VERY rarely refinish dining sets. I do not enjoy painting chairs with spindles. It is very time consuming and tedious. It actually stresses me out a bit. So instead of my usual Zen that I go into while painting, I have not been having fun with these chairs. But when they are all finished, I can look at them and be proud of my work. So far, it's taking me much longer than expected. I figured I would have them finished in a day, maybe two at the most. But I don't think I will have them finished until tomorrow. I think I will definitely need to go to yoga class tomorrow!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Savoring Every Last Drop...

Hi there!

I am officially on vacation! I took some time off to recharge my batteries and replenish my soul. It is vital for me to do this at least once a year. And this is the perfect time of year to do so. The year is coming to an end and it's time to start fresh. I am always on a journey to keep inner peace and balance in my life. Because when it's there, I can breathe easy, just be, and all feels well with my soul. When it's out of whack, I feel it in every fiber of my being and I don't like it one bit!

I figured it might be fun to blog about each day of my vacation; whether it's reading, going to yoga class, painting furniture, horseback riding, organizing my house, going for a hike or staying in my pj's all day long doing absolutely nothing, I will blog about it. It's a time that I can do whatever I want and it feels so exciting. No agendas, no schedules, no deadlines... I'm free as a bee. How incredibly delicious. I promised myself that I will savor every drop of it and not take one second for granted!! Even if it's lounging around all day, I will be present, acknowledge it, and enjoy it to the fullest.  I hope to inspire you in any little way to steal sweet moments in your day for yourself too. You are worth it!

I have a lot of painting and refinishing furniture to do, and for once, it's for me. It's all of my own recent purchases that I will be working on {with the exception of one great tall dresser that I will be selling. I'm kind of chomping at the bit to start that one! If you're looking for a cool vintage dresser, let me know and I can paint it custom for you!} But operation "Turn My Colonial Into My Own Sweet Little Farmhouse" is still in full swing. So I am going to continue with that project to the fullest extent. Last weekend I hit a giant warehouse tag sale again and bought lots of really fun vintage stuff.

So for today, I will be painting my own pieces of furniture. Specifically, my new dining room chairs. Six of them will take me some time, but that's my task for today. And guess what? If I don't finish, who cares! I'm on vacation and I'll roll with it and do it the next day! Love that feeling of freedom!

I love everything about this picture. It sure inspires me!

Pic via: pinterest

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi. It is bright and early and my house is very serene and quiet. The fire is roaring and it's warm and cozy. It's giving me some time to reflect. This time of year can be difficult for all who have lost loved ones. For me, I believe they are still here with me... When I quiet myself inside, I can feel them. Truly. Sometimes there is even a little sign when I pay close enough attention. They are never far from my side.

Then we have the family members who are here. Loved ones who you can't imagine your life without. Grateful beyond words.

I hope your Christmas Eve is peaceful and loving. I wish for you to feel loved ones past. I hope you savor loved ones present. Happy Holidays!!!

P.S. I just read an article that said male reindeer shed their antlers well before Christmas and females keep them until the spring until after they give birth. That means that Santa's reindeer were all female! Enough said... that's why they were so great at pulling a heavy sleigh and finding their way around the world! Ha!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Keeping A Positive Nest...

Good morning!

First off I wanted to say that I have the best customers in the world. They sincerely make my day every time I meet them. I sold two pieces this weekend to the nicest people! Thank you both!!

My two wonderful customers got me to thinking a lot about the people around me... who I interact with on a daily basis. I am so lucky to have some amazing people in my life. My family is my biggest cheerleader... for everything. When I decided to go to graduate school, my hubs was right there, encouraging me all the way. He doesn't even get mad when I bring an ugly piece of furniture into our home because he says "well, once you paint it, I know it will look great." Even when I bring home the odd vintage decoration or two, he will just give his head a little shake and laugh. I know he always has my back.

My brothers are incredibly supportive as well. I know I can call any one of them at 2 a.m. and they would be there for me in a second flat. They love and support me in the best ways... giving honest advice and feedback, listening, helping whenever I need it. We are a tight knit group. We always have each other's backs. I am so proud of the relationship we have. And my mom thinks all of her little ducklings are the best thing since sliced bread. Talk about being a great cheerleader? She is the queen of "go for it... follow your dreams... you can do it!"

My best friend and I have the type of relationship that seems like it's too good to be true. What I mean by that is we honestly and authentically want what is best for each other. We can laugh for hours and hours about the silliest things... until our stomachs hurt and tears are dripping down our cheeks... We are not competitive with each other. We are not jealous of each other. We are not negative towards each other. We genuinely love, respect and admire each other. Priceless.

Surrounding yourself with people like this gives you the courage to fly, take chances, try new things... but also to fail... because you know that there are incredible people in your nest who will never let you fall so hard that you break your wings. Failure is a great chance to grow and learn. But sometimes it's nice to have someone who will help you up, brush the dirt off your backside, and give you a little kick to get back in the ring!

I have a few favorite quotes that resonate with me deeply and are really inspiring to me. Sometimes if I'm having a tough day, I find myself saying these quotes quietly to myself, being my own cheerleader... So, I thought I would share them with you...

"And though she be but little, she is fierce," Shakespeare. My favorite quote.

"She believed she could, so she did."

"With brave wings, she flies."

Surround yourself with positive people, both in your business and in your life. Good things will follow!

Pic via: pinterest.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Good morning! The redecorating of my home is coming along nicely. I bought the dining table with 6 chairs yesterday. I think they are beautiful, especially once I paint and distress them. I paired the 6 chairs with my farm table and adore how it looks. They are so much more substantial than the ones I had before.

I have been searching high and low for the perfect antique mirror for my living room, but I just cannot seem to find the right one. They are either too ornate, too boring, or in a shape that doesn't appeal to me.

I don't think I'm looking for anything too outside of the box. I have seen a few that have come close to being the one, but it is going over my sofa, so it really has to fit the bill. My living room has a bit of a vintage equestrian vibe to it.  So I want one with curved edges, nothing too square or rectangular and I would like the frame to be made of wood. It has to be somewhat significant in size as well. Not too much to ask for, right? If you know of one, please let me know. Enjoy your Friday!

As I was just browsing through Craig's List, I may have come across the mirror. It wasn't at all what I had in mind, but doesn't it usually happen like that? It feels a little vintage equestrian chic to me too... I just might buy this one.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Squatty Might Be The New French...

first, please just let me get this out of my system... hahahahahahahahahaha!!! okay, there. phew, that feels better. i have been looking at the french dining chairs that i want and apparently i have VERY expensive taste. i found a great set of six chairs for $1,800. just the chairs. no table. um, no thanks. maybe that's in your budget, but it's not in mine. my squatty chairs are looking better and better... some paint and burlap fabric might do them wonders.

i guess i have been naive in the new dining room chair department because i haven't been in the market for them since, well, ever really. like i said, we bought our first set from the people who we bought our first house from many years ago and have used them ever since. they have given us many years of great use, so maybe i shouldn't be so quick to snub them.

but... that being said... i think i found a great dining set that i might buy to refinish. i am thinking of possibly using those chairs instead in my dining room, but i haven't really decided yet. they certainly aren't my coveted french chairs, but they might look better than the squatty ones. the air has seriously been knocked out of my sails at sticker shock. i'm usually right on top of prices, so this one threw me for a loop. i don't really know what i expected them to cost. maybe $150.00 per chair? i guess the type of chairs i like are just pricey... so suck it up girl, right? trust me, i'm not complaining, just surprised.

well, we shall have to see... it's either a re-do of the squatty chairs {maybe i should call them something nicer, like the chairs that served us well for many years...} or the new chairs from the set i might buy. or maybe i should hold my horses for a bit. sometimes i can get a bit impetuous when i want something. i get very passionate about my decorating.

these 6 chairs are the $1,800 ones from ebay. i think my squatty ones, um, i mean, my well used AND well loved ones will look just as nice! see, it feels better saying that already.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Redecorating My Home...

i have always wanted to live in a little farmhouse with a barn. but i don't. i live in a cute colonial that i have grown to love.

when we bought our first house, it was love at first sight. we adored every single thing about it... it was built in 1920 and oozed character from every room. but we didn't have enough land, so we moved. if i could have picked up that house and plopped it down in a different area, i would have.

but now we have our colonial that i have grown to love. i say that because it wasn't love at first sight. it was like at first sight. it was missing some of the charm and character of our first home. through the years, i have tried to add that character... we gutted and redid the entire kitchen, added a porch, put in a french door or two, some crown molding, etc.

but then one day i decided just because i don't live in a farmhouse doesn't mean that i can't make my colonial into my very own sweet little farmhouse {on the inside at least!} i love the outside of my home. we have the best front porch on the block, rocking chairs included! very farmhouse, right? {now if only i can get some free roaming chickens...}

i have been itching to do some redecorating lately... i thought i was going to start with my home office, but the more i thought about it, i decided my dining room and living room would be best to start with. my dining room is on the small side but i have the best darn farm table that i have ever laid eyes on. the top is made of 200 year old reclaimed barn wood... weathered and aged to perfection. now THAT was love at first sight. we were browsing in an antique store when i grabbed my husband's hand, speechless. he knew what i wanted without me having to utter a word. he did a little wheeling and dealing, and off we went with that splendid farm table. it's on the list of things i would want to get out of the house if there were ever {God forbid} a fire {after all people and pets were out safely!!} although the table weighs about 5,000 pounds, so it would be a little difficult... but you get my point.

what i don't love in my dining room are my chairs. they are kind of squatty and just meh. zero character. they came with a set that we bought off the people who owned our first home. they do not belong with my splendid farm table, that's for sure. but a set of 6 dining chairs is expensive... and i have no idea what i want.

that is until i was pinning away on pinterest and noticed that almost every chair i pinned looked pretty much the same. so... decorating dilemma solved! i guess i do know what i want after all. i want chairs with character that aren't too fussy {we're not a fussy kind of family. plus my dogs would ruin fussy furniture. they have a knack for doing that.}

so here are my inspiration chairs from pinterest. i wonder if i could re-do my squatty chairs and make them pretty or if i should just buy new ones. at least i know what i'm looking for now!

these are kind of elegant but not too fussy... i love.

love the numbers. very cool.

my dining room is about a quarter of this size, but we're looking at the chairs, not the room... and i like them because they look like the first picture.

this is about the time i caught on to a theme as i was pinning... sometimes it takes me a little while. see? i'm liking the same style of chairs. voila, i DO know what kind of chairs i want now!

these were what i though i wanted. i love the eclectic mix of the wooden table with the metal chairs. i saw them in yellow and was drooling over them. i'm glad i didn't buy them now!

yum. and my favorite number is 7. love the black ticking on the seats too!

i thought i liked these at first, but they wouldn't look right in my small dining room. too big and overpowering.

more numbers. perfect! these are just right!

well, i have to start looking for my new chairs now. i am not opposed to recovering them and painting on some numbers myself. i love a DIY project! i just have to find the chairs first.

i would post pictures of my squatty chairs, but since i'm new to the world of blogging, i'm not quite there yet with posting pictures of my actual home. call me shy... but i will. one of these days. maybe after i get my new fabulous chairs!!! stay tuned.

Feathered Friends Welcome...

my backyard looks phenomenal as i sit typing my blog this morning. the ground and trees are covered with a blanket of fluffy white snow, the sun is shining brightly and birds are fluttering around everywhere. we take care of the birds. {we are major animal lovers in this house...} we feed them all winter long to help keep them plump and warm for those cold, long nights. and they reward us by coming here every morning so we get to watch how lovely they are.

there is one little bird in particular that is hysterical. when i type my blog, i sit at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, in front of my large kitchen window. i get to see all the bird action at all times. this one little bird, i think she might be a wren, {i don't really know about bird species, just that i love birds!} anyway, she flies up to my windowsill and sits literally about one foot away from me staring and staring... she cocks her little head from side to side and just watches me. it's amazing how close she is; only a sheet of glass separates us or i could otherwise touch her. she comes every morning to say hi.

the weird thing is that i swear we have the same birds that come back year after year. bright green humming birds come every summer too. the birds love to build nests in our trees or birdhouses, and we have actually seen their babies learn to fly. it is amazing and such a simple gift! and they tend to build their nests in the same spot every year too {at least i like to believe it's the same ones coming back year after year...} so this little one who peeks in on me in the morning, i wonder if she was one of the babies from last year? probably not, but i like to think she is. it just makes me smile.

These are similar to the birdhouses we have that they love to cozy up in for the winter.

and this is exactly what my little Peeping Tom looks like... she is quite adorable!

take a moment and try to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature today!

pics via: pinterest

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas...

hi. i love looking at other artists work on Etsy. it is so inspiring to see such talented people out there. i tried to buy a lot of my Christmas gifts from Etsy this year, but since i know my family reads my blog, i can't post what i actually bought! instead, i thought i would post pictures of great ideas and things i almost bought... perhaps there is a little something for everyone on your list!

this darling handmade necklace is from Poppy and Fern. she does each stitch by hand and her work is just gorgeous! i am definitely ordering one of these for myself after the holidays!

this travel coffee mug is from Yevgenia. it is so bright and cheery. drinking a morning cup of coffee out of this must be an instant mood brightener!

i love this bag from Christy Studio. my favorite kinds of bags are ones with shoulder straps, but also a long body strap, just like this. such a great look!

who wouldn't love these fingerless gloves from Chick Sale. cozy and warm!

i wear long knee socks like these from Three Bird Nest all the time with my tall riding boots. i love when the top of the sock peeks out from the boot. very equestrian chic!

i bought this soap from Tree Fort Naturals at a holiday fair and i love, love, love it. her stuff is great! what a thoughtful and useful gift for a teacher as well {instead of the usual old gift card.} so much better than lathering up with all sorts of chemicals. i try to use the most natural and organic products as possible. 

more goodies from Tree Fort Naturals. though i have yet to try this, it looks perfect. i will be buying this for myself as well.

i love burlap. and a burlap pillow with a weimaraner on it is adorable {considering i have weims.} this pillow is from North Country Comforts.

for the man in your life... cufflinks from Love That Leather. i love it when my husband wears cufflinks. such a handsome look.

could this hand knit hat from Ruby Webbs be any cuter for the kids?

and let us not forget our dogs. this bed with black ticking is from Martha and Ash. i love the country vibe of it. my dogs would certainly love to sleep on it!

i hope some of these ideas were helpful! happy shopping.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside...

i might be the only one left who loves a good snowstorm! especially on a weekend when there is nowhere to drive {i'm sorry for those who have to work or be somewhere.} it is so beautiful and calm when it snows. everyone and everything slows down a bit. it's a chance to get cozy by the fire with a good book and a giant mug of tea. it's a chance to play outside! it's a chance to just be! no agendas to be had {the governor said to stay off the road for pete's sake!} so i will listen to him and stay home. with the exception of my morning run for coffee. i wrapped gifts last night too {eco-friendly...}

so on this snowy day, rest, relax and rejuvenate your soul.

pic via: pinterest.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Self Care...

i can't believe i'm going to say this... but... i am almost finished with my Christmas shopping! i took today as a "self-care" day because i've been feeling really run down lately.

i thought about hitting the spa for a massage {i haven't had one in about 4 years} but instead opted for something way better {in my book anyway.} first thing i did was go horseback riding. it was cold, but it was an awesome, energizing ride!

next on the self-care schedule was buying some gifts. i took exactly one hour to go shopping. This fits under self-care because it was stressing me out that i didn't have gifts yet for a few of my closest loved ones. so now i can officially say that i am more than 3/4's of the way done! I only have a few more little gifts to buy and a few to make. i tried my hardest to only buy locally from small business owners. but i had to break down and buy a few gifts from larger stores. i'm okay with it though because most weren't from those stores.

and let me tell you about the magic bullet that i found... maybe you have been taking this for years, but i just discovered the benefits of it... Airborne!! it's like an instant all natural pick-me-up! the day after i took it, my energy level raised significantly. so i've been taking a few tablets every day and have been feeling much better.

for the rest of the day i have been drinking lots of tea and taking it easy. a hot bath is on the agenda tonight. and lastly, i will be off to bed early. it was a long overdue and much needed day of rest today!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vacation All I Ever Wanted... (Remember That Old Song?)

Bear with me for a moment please... I am daydreaming about going on vacation in a major way. My friend is on an amazing tropical vacation surfing and horseback riding... I am drooling over every picture she posts. It's pure beauty. When I go on vacation, other than relaxing on the beach, my other thing to do is go snorkeling. If you've never been, you should! It's like being in another world. So peaceful and serene. So on this snowy day, my mind is on vacation, sun and snorkeling.

Be safe if you are driving in the snow today!

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Antiques Shop...

Sometimes I wake up wondering what I'm going to blog about. Inspiration strikes in many different ways. But today, I knew exactly what I was going to write about... My great-grandmother! She was a woman well ahead of the times. She was a mover and shaker. She was a business owner! It was almost unheard of for a woman to own her own business back then. Guess what her business was? She owned an antiques shop! Her shop was called Wee Welken Antiques.

So I feel that antiques run deep in my veins. I have heard so many stories about my beloved great-grandmother through the years. I only wish I could have met her. But I feel like I have in a way. Through her influence on my mom, I feel like I know my great-grandmother. My mom sounds just like her. Beautiful inside and out.

Here are some pretty shops that caught my eye from pinterest. I envision her shop looking just as pretty once upon a time...

Happy Friday. Have a nice weekend!