Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No Tools Required...

I bought three really cool old, chippy paint shutters this summer. I spent a little while adding different shades of blue to make them just right. I planned on using them as a headboard {they were pretty tall ones} in our spare bedroom. But I never actually got around to doing it. So there they sat in my workshop. They weren't for sale because I was going to eventually use them. But one day, two nice ladies came and bought some stuff. They wanted the shutters, so I sold them. My idea has changed anyway of how I would use them. No longer would they be a headboard... now I would simply place one along the wall... near a chair... a table... a bed... maybe line two or three along a bare wall. How easy is that... I don't have to even hang them. Just lean them. No tools needed. Love that! Luckily, I know of this great place that sells the best old chippy-paint shutters around, so no worries. I can just go pick up a few more.

Happy Wednesday!

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