Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Redecorating My Home...

i have always wanted to live in a little farmhouse with a barn. but i don't. i live in a cute colonial that i have grown to love.

when we bought our first house, it was love at first sight. we adored every single thing about it... it was built in 1920 and oozed character from every room. but we didn't have enough land, so we moved. if i could have picked up that house and plopped it down in a different area, i would have.

but now we have our colonial that i have grown to love. i say that because it wasn't love at first sight. it was like at first sight. it was missing some of the charm and character of our first home. through the years, i have tried to add that character... we gutted and redid the entire kitchen, added a porch, put in a french door or two, some crown molding, etc.

but then one day i decided just because i don't live in a farmhouse doesn't mean that i can't make my colonial into my very own sweet little farmhouse {on the inside at least!} i love the outside of my home. we have the best front porch on the block, rocking chairs included! very farmhouse, right? {now if only i can get some free roaming chickens...}

i have been itching to do some redecorating lately... i thought i was going to start with my home office, but the more i thought about it, i decided my dining room and living room would be best to start with. my dining room is on the small side but i have the best darn farm table that i have ever laid eyes on. the top is made of 200 year old reclaimed barn wood... weathered and aged to perfection. now THAT was love at first sight. we were browsing in an antique store when i grabbed my husband's hand, speechless. he knew what i wanted without me having to utter a word. he did a little wheeling and dealing, and off we went with that splendid farm table. it's on the list of things i would want to get out of the house if there were ever {God forbid} a fire {after all people and pets were out safely!!} although the table weighs about 5,000 pounds, so it would be a little difficult... but you get my point.

what i don't love in my dining room are my chairs. they are kind of squatty and just meh. zero character. they came with a set that we bought off the people who owned our first home. they do not belong with my splendid farm table, that's for sure. but a set of 6 dining chairs is expensive... and i have no idea what i want.

that is until i was pinning away on pinterest and noticed that almost every chair i pinned looked pretty much the same. so... decorating dilemma solved! i guess i do know what i want after all. i want chairs with character that aren't too fussy {we're not a fussy kind of family. plus my dogs would ruin fussy furniture. they have a knack for doing that.}

so here are my inspiration chairs from pinterest. i wonder if i could re-do my squatty chairs and make them pretty or if i should just buy new ones. at least i know what i'm looking for now!

these are kind of elegant but not too fussy... i love.

love the numbers. very cool.

my dining room is about a quarter of this size, but we're looking at the chairs, not the room... and i like them because they look like the first picture.

this is about the time i caught on to a theme as i was pinning... sometimes it takes me a little while. see? i'm liking the same style of chairs. voila, i DO know what kind of chairs i want now!

these were what i though i wanted. i love the eclectic mix of the wooden table with the metal chairs. i saw them in yellow and was drooling over them. i'm glad i didn't buy them now!

yum. and my favorite number is 7. love the black ticking on the seats too!

i thought i liked these at first, but they wouldn't look right in my small dining room. too big and overpowering.

more numbers. perfect! these are just right!

well, i have to start looking for my new chairs now. i am not opposed to recovering them and painting on some numbers myself. i love a DIY project! i just have to find the chairs first.

i would post pictures of my squatty chairs, but since i'm new to the world of blogging, i'm not quite there yet with posting pictures of my actual home. call me shy... but i will. one of these days. maybe after i get my new fabulous chairs!!! stay tuned.

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