Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feathered Friends Welcome...

my backyard looks phenomenal as i sit typing my blog this morning. the ground and trees are covered with a blanket of fluffy white snow, the sun is shining brightly and birds are fluttering around everywhere. we take care of the birds. {we are major animal lovers in this house...} we feed them all winter long to help keep them plump and warm for those cold, long nights. and they reward us by coming here every morning so we get to watch how lovely they are.

there is one little bird in particular that is hysterical. when i type my blog, i sit at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, in front of my large kitchen window. i get to see all the bird action at all times. this one little bird, i think she might be a wren, {i don't really know about bird species, just that i love birds!} anyway, she flies up to my windowsill and sits literally about one foot away from me staring and staring... she cocks her little head from side to side and just watches me. it's amazing how close she is; only a sheet of glass separates us or i could otherwise touch her. she comes every morning to say hi.

the weird thing is that i swear we have the same birds that come back year after year. bright green humming birds come every summer too. the birds love to build nests in our trees or birdhouses, and we have actually seen their babies learn to fly. it is amazing and such a simple gift! and they tend to build their nests in the same spot every year too {at least i like to believe it's the same ones coming back year after year...} so this little one who peeks in on me in the morning, i wonder if she was one of the babies from last year? probably not, but i like to think she is. it just makes me smile.

These are similar to the birdhouses we have that they love to cozy up in for the winter.

and this is exactly what my little Peeping Tom looks like... she is quite adorable!

take a moment and try to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature today!

pics via: pinterest

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