Thursday, December 19, 2013

Squatty Might Be The New French...

first, please just let me get this out of my system... hahahahahahahahahaha!!! okay, there. phew, that feels better. i have been looking at the french dining chairs that i want and apparently i have VERY expensive taste. i found a great set of six chairs for $1,800. just the chairs. no table. um, no thanks. maybe that's in your budget, but it's not in mine. my squatty chairs are looking better and better... some paint and burlap fabric might do them wonders.

i guess i have been naive in the new dining room chair department because i haven't been in the market for them since, well, ever really. like i said, we bought our first set from the people who we bought our first house from many years ago and have used them ever since. they have given us many years of great use, so maybe i shouldn't be so quick to snub them.

but... that being said... i think i found a great dining set that i might buy to refinish. i am thinking of possibly using those chairs instead in my dining room, but i haven't really decided yet. they certainly aren't my coveted french chairs, but they might look better than the squatty ones. the air has seriously been knocked out of my sails at sticker shock. i'm usually right on top of prices, so this one threw me for a loop. i don't really know what i expected them to cost. maybe $150.00 per chair? i guess the type of chairs i like are just pricey... so suck it up girl, right? trust me, i'm not complaining, just surprised.

well, we shall have to see... it's either a re-do of the squatty chairs {maybe i should call them something nicer, like the chairs that served us well for many years...} or the new chairs from the set i might buy. or maybe i should hold my horses for a bit. sometimes i can get a bit impetuous when i want something. i get very passionate about my decorating.

these 6 chairs are the $1,800 ones from ebay. i think my squatty ones, um, i mean, my well used AND well loved ones will look just as nice! see, it feels better saying that already.

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