Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi. It is bright and early and my house is very serene and quiet. The fire is roaring and it's warm and cozy. It's giving me some time to reflect. This time of year can be difficult for all who have lost loved ones. For me, I believe they are still here with me... When I quiet myself inside, I can feel them. Truly. Sometimes there is even a little sign when I pay close enough attention. They are never far from my side.

Then we have the family members who are here. Loved ones who you can't imagine your life without. Grateful beyond words.

I hope your Christmas Eve is peaceful and loving. I wish for you to feel loved ones past. I hope you savor loved ones present. Happy Holidays!!!

P.S. I just read an article that said male reindeer shed their antlers well before Christmas and females keep them until the spring until after they give birth. That means that Santa's reindeer were all female! Enough said... that's why they were so great at pulling a heavy sleigh and finding their way around the world! Ha!

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