Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Have Suitcases... Will Travel...

Happy Wednesday Loves.

I remember a few years back I went to Brimfield and picked up several cool vintage suitcases. My thought was that I would use them as a side table in my living room. As I was walking around with my fabulous new picks, a man {a sweet husband who was probably dragged to Brimfield with the rest of the husbands while their wives were in some sort of antiquing-frenzied heaven} looked at me quizzically and asked "are you going to use those to travel with?" I couldn't help but laugh a little... No silly. I bet if it was a woman, she would have known right away that I was going to use them for something, but that something wouldn't include traveling...

The reason I even laughed {otherwise I would have thought it was such a cute question} was because I envisioned myself strolling through the airport with my vintage beauties in hand. It would be quite a look... but definitely not the look I'm shooting for...

But I still have them. I no longer use them as a side table, but rather tucked under a console table for added dimension to my dining room. They are aesthetically dead on and perfect for my space.

So in celebration of my little suitcases, here is a picture of some stacked as a bedside table. So fun, right?

Get creative with whatever pieces you use. And only use what you love!


Pic via: Country Living

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