Monday, May 12, 2014

Saturday Stroll...

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

As usual, my weekend flew by way too fast. I think that means I need to start being more mindful of my weekend time.

So we got some pretty great news in this family! My parents are moving back up to Connecticut. They have lived out of state for about 20ish years {something like that, but it feels like more!} I got a call from my mom yesterday saying that they are going to put their house on the market this week and be in CT as soon as possible! Sooooooo excited!

I had a really fun weekend. I went for a Saturday stroll {okay, it was more of a speed walk, but let's not split hairs} and took some pictures. I love my small town. I would be miserable in a big city. I need grass and trees and birds singing in those trees and animals and lots and lots of space. Even going to the city (New York) stresses me out. Cabs honking, tons of people all in a rush, tall buildings, and mayhem... But that's just me. Some people thrive on that. I thrive on sitting at night by the fire pit, listening to frogs croak, seeing fireflies, a glass of wine in hand... and it's not a rare thing to see a tractor driving on the road filled with hay in my town. Yes, that's my version of Utopia.

So back to my stroll. I live down the road from two amazing places... One is a nursery with the most insane flowers, trees, etc. It is kind of "the" place to go for your garden if you live around here.

The other place is a farm down the road where they sell mostly fruit, but they also sell seasonal things like pumpkins and Christmas trees in the winter. They have a massive apple orchard and during season, they tap sap from the maple trees to make their own maple syrup! I love stuff like that. But the best part is that they have animals that you can feed and pet. I swear, for farm animals, they are the friendliest little things I've ever met!

These two mares are mother and daughter Shires. I spotted them grazing up on the hill together. They are simply beautiful.

This goat thought he was a dog. He came right up to me and let me scratch behind his ears and was loving every second of it. I so want a goat!

This little goat was the smallest goat I've ever seen. I don't know if he is some kind of mini-goat or a baby goat, but I want him! Minus those crazy sharp horns sticking off his head.

Back to the Shires. See the one way up on the hill?

She decided to come check me out. These girls are massive in person. If I wouldn't have gotten arrested, I would have hopped in her paddock to hang out with her. 

And then there is this... Just so cool.

 Someday I want to get a really nice camera because I love taking pictures. It is a fun and creative hobby that one can do at any age. I just need to save up a little because a nice camera with a good lens is super expensive. But it will be worth it!

Happy day to you!


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