Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweet Caroline... Bah Bah Bah...

The song Sweet Caroline has been humming through my head all day, except I'm singing Sweet Isabel instead.

We had the best ride EVER today. We were perfectly in sync. She knew what I wanted before I even asked. It was pure magic.

When I have rides like that it makes my whole day. It's like that runner's high. I get that from a perfect ride. Well, I get that even if it's not perfect, but today it was as close to perfect as perfect can get.

Isabel was in a great mood. When I got to the barn, she was outside in the sunshine, rolling in a mud puddle. Then she got up and ate a bite of hay, then grabbed a sip of water. Yes, she has the life.

I had to spend extra time grooming her because she was such a total mess. One big wet dirt ball. But you know what? She was happy. I could feel it. She was happy to have been in the sun, rolling at her leisure. She gets treated like a princess at the barn and is one lucky girl.

As soon as she was all prettied up {which is not hard to do because she is beautiful, even with mud caked on her,} I hopped on her and she was ready to work. I had to slow her down because she was too ready to go. It was so cute. She had her fun and knew it was time to do some work.

I can't tell you how much I love that girl or how happy she makes me. I know I try to put it into words, but words do not do her justice. It's a feeling inside that's really indescribable. I just adore her. I even gave her extra peppermints because she is my Sweet Isabel.

Happy Friday.


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