Friday, July 4, 2014


Rainy day for the 4th today. But people celebrated anyway. Lots of fireworks shooting off all around my neighborhood. I loved it... my dogs, not so much.

Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to on the shoreline. It's supposed to be beautiful weather at a lovely inn on the beach. I have the perfect dress to wear too. What more can you ask for, right?

Sunday... I'm thinking of going to the Elephant's Trunk. Maybe buy a few vintage beauties to refinish. Summer is half way over already and I really haven't done a single piece to sell.

My favorite thing used to be to duck out into my workshop and blast my country music while painting a great vintage piece. Getting paint on my hands and clothes... Getting creative... Having fun.

I need that back. Where oh where did it go? I honestly don't know. All that I do know is that I've been incredibly busy at work and don't have much free time at all lately. Which is a great thing... I love when business is booming. But it doesn't leave me with much spare time for me... Or to paint and refinish pieces. When I get home I'm tired. I've been crawling into bed every night exhausted.

I'm hoping that my vacation really recharges me and brings back my spark. And this weekend will hopefully give me a little kick start if I hit up the Elephant's Trunk. It's really hard when you lose your focus to get it back. Once the rhythm breaks, it's hard to get that mojo back. But if it's something you truly love to do, it will come back... I know it will come back. Hopefully when work slows down and I get back from vacay, my feet will hit the ground running... and my hands will start painting!

Happy 4th... Thank you to all our military.


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