Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is That An Eclipse?

Hi there my little chinchillas.

It seems like everyone I know is on Block Island right now. Seriously. Every person from facebook is posting pictures and they all seem to be bumping into each other. Funny!!

I've never ever been to Block Island before. Weird, huh. Although I've never been to Nantucket before either. I've heard Nantucket is more of a snob-fest, which I'm not down with. Block seems much more fun and laid back.

Which brings me to my upcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard. It's the perfect spot. Laid back, no rambunctious party kids {am I turning into my mom by saying that?} no snobs, good food, nice beaches, etc, etc, etc.

So I'm uber excited to hit the Island for my summer getaway. Here is the thing... I said I was going to buy a few new things for my trip. Well, I bought much more than a few... So when I get back home, I'm totally and completely purging my closet. Out with the old {consignment, give to friends, donate, trash} and in with the new. If I don't purge, I'll have way too much stuff and there is nothing I hate more than having way too much stuff. Makes me feel like a pack-rat or hoarder, which I am not! {My mom... possibly. My brother... definitely. Me... no way!}

One of my best snags was a new sun hat from Anthropologie. It is the most fabulous, extravagant sun hat I've ever laid eyes upon. The brim is humongous. If I stand straight like a pencil, my whole body will be under approximately 3 feet of shade. It will be like an eclipse hit the beach when I block out everyone's sun who's sitting within a mile radius of me. Ha! I love this hat. Yes, it's that spectacular! I can't wait to see the look on my hubby's face when I roll onto the beach wearing it. He'll probably be like: um, the flying nuns are sitting over there!

But I had my eye on this beauty for quite a while now. And when she went on sale... I salivated like a Pavlovian dog... drool, drool, done deal! She was all mine. I'm a savvy budget kind of girl like that...

I won't bore you with the other things I got, but just know that my goal is to still live simply and on less. So truly, when I get home, I will be digging to the dark depths of my closet {hoping not a skeleton to be found!} and ridding all the things I no longer wear, like, have use for, or have just been hanging onto, just because.

Plus, I have to make room for my new gigantic flying nun sun hat.


Pic via: pinterest

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