Thursday, July 17, 2014

Watch Me...

Hi y'all.

So I've been getting a little kickback from my lack of blogging...

I have been super motivated on my journey to wellness. That's what I'm calling it now. Not just physically well, but entire wellness. Some things are taking a back seat while others are front and center. And that's okay by me. That is called balance. We all need balance. If everything was front and center, we would not have balance.

I made a little list last night of things that I'm doing and that I want to keep doing on a daily/weekly basis. Obviously this list is not for everyone... It's my list that is helpful to me. I figured for the kickbackers, this would be good to look at {you know who you are... lol.}

1. Drink one Isagenix shake per day.
2. Fuel my body with healthy organic foods. Eat raw and unprocessed as much as possible. No meat.
3. Keep hydrated by drinking tons of water each day. Keep water bottle with me at all times. {I love my Green Feet water bottle.}
4. Use juicer or drink fruit smoothie every day.
5. Take vitamins daily.
6. Do not take any medication unless it's absolutely necessary {no aspirin, allergy meds, etc. unless I HAVE to.}
7. Workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
8. Horseback riding Thursday {and Saturday when possible.}
9. Yoga every Sunday.
10. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.
11. Meditate for 10 minutes every night.
12. Tuesday is my day of rest.
13. Think positive thoughts.
14. Try acupuncture.

Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah, sure. But I'm doing most of them. This is why I'm calling it a journey, because it's always in progress.

Hoping you are motivated to get on your own path to wellness, whatever that looks like for you.


Pic via: change your thoughts today.

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