Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Festive Family Favorite...

Hi y'all.

You might think we are a weird family for doing this, but we LOVE going out to dinner for Thanksgiving!

The reason I'm telling you this is because I just made the reservations for our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at a great restaurant with my brothers and spouses.

And before you judge us... here is why we love it:

These are not in order of importance either...

#1: It's a really festive atmosphere. The restaurant is usually decorated to the nines for the holidays.

#2: The people are super friendly and extra nice on Thanksgiving because they are acting all thankful and not in their typical New England moods. I can say that because I'm a New Englander... We can act moody sometimes. But not on Thanksgiving!

#3: {secretly my # 1} We don't have to cook! Not a thing. Not one thing. Not even a single green bean!

#4: You know the old expression {usually reserved for Christmas} Eat, Drink and Be Merry? Well that is us! We eat some really great food that we didn't have to cook. We drink some really great wine and get a little happier. And we are very merry because we don't have to clean up anything. Not even a fork!

#5: We get to sit together and enjoy each other's company. The whole time! It's all about family togetherness.

I know it's not for everyone. But it is most definitely for us!

So... no matter where you are:


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