Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Weekend Of Play...

Hi there.

Last night was quite funny. My brothers and I were on a group text sending old pictures and making fun of ourselves and each other for over an hour. We were all crying laughing so hard at one point or another. Do other siblings do this or is it just us? We definitely crack each other up and all have the same strange sense of humor. Maybe it's just a sibling thing. But it was pretty darn funny last night.

Anyway, EARLY this morning I dragged my mom with me to buy a fab vintage dresser I found on Craig's List. We drove for about 40 minutes to get this girl, but she was worth it. I love it. It will look perfect in our spare bedroom which is almost finished with the redo. I can't decide if I'm going to paint it or leave it as is. I know I will change out the knobs for sure. Here is the picture that was posted on Craig's List:

Can you blame me? Keyholes and those curved feet! I'm thinking of painting it blue or green or white. Or leaving it... The guy said he had about 20 calls for it.

Here is the best part... The price! 50 bucks! I didn't even bother haggling because it was such a steal. I would have paid much more for it.

Then I took my mom out to breakfast and then off to the outlets we went for a little Christmas shopping. It was a deliciously fun day!

Tomorrow night is a special winter solstice two hour yoga class by candlelight with live drumming. OMG, I can't wait!



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