Monday, December 1, 2014

Salvage Cool...


Happy December 1st. Happy Monday.

One of the things I love to do in decorating is to repurpose an old salvage find into something cool. It changes the entire look of the room because it's unexpected. Sometimes those salvage finds can cost next to nothing... Someone is usually selling it cheap or throwing it out because it's rusty, weathered or old... And those things make it perfect! It adds texture and visual interest, it's unique and definitely one of a kind.

I was out antiquing with my mom this weekend and I came across an old door from a chicken coop. I didn't have my SUV to put it in so I didn't buy it. But I want to go back for it... I think it would look really cool hung horizontally above my couch. It was old, worn and distressed. Just how I like em.

Here are some inspiring pictures of using salvage goods as really cool decor:

I hope to get my chicken coop door before someone else snaps it up {but I highly doubt that will happen...} I'm still working on turning my home into a sweet little farmhouse. I painted the spare bedroom yesterday and will post pics when it's finished!
Happy decorating.
pics via: pinterest/fixer upper HGTV

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