Monday, November 18, 2013

A Girl's Guide To Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping...

Good morning!

I have been putting a lot of thought into my family's holiday gifts this year. I have also been putting a lot of thought into how I want to wrap those gifts too! I recently read an article that said we use enough ribbon at Christmas to wrap around the world TWICE and MAKE A BOW. That was enough said for me. My challenge this year is to use no ribbon or traditional wrapping paper, yet still make my gifts look festive and pretty.

I have been on the hunt, mostly on pinterest, to find lovely ways to meet this challenge. I found several, but I know there are hundreds more out there. This is just the beginning... I wanted to share with you what I found so far on pinterest.

How many times have you gone to someone's home with a bottle of wine? I love the way this looks. So holiday chic and festive! Especially with the corks and greens. Just a beautiful presentation for a bottle of wine! Via Better Homes and Gardens.

I love the initial, making the gift so personalized. Also the greenery tucked in. Just perfect!

I adore these little burlap bags {because A. I love burlap and B. they can be reused and can hold lots of darling smaller gifts.} You can stamp anything that you like on the bag to make it festive too. Then use a bit of twine to tie a handmade tag around it. Etsy has the best handmade tags. Or you can make one yourself if you have some time. You can buy the plain tag on recycled paper at Michael's craft store and a stamp and ink pad of your choice. Voila, instant tag! Very easy DIY too.
These gifts are wrapped in recycled sheet music. How beautiful. I love how natural and simple it looks. Of course kids probably wouldn't like this all that much, but the adults would probably appreciate your efforts of being eco-conscious.

I can't be sure, but this just looks like some fleece in a festive pattern/color. Even if it's just a piece of fabric, it still looks pretty wrapped with twine. I would definitely tuck some greenery into it though.
I love the vintage box with greens in it. Everything in the box seems to be handmade too. What a thoughtful gift. I would love to receive this as a present from a loved one. It took love, time and effort to put this together. This could be my favorite way to "package or wrap" a gift. If I buy smaller gifts, I just may do it like this. Think of a box like this filled to the brim with handmade knitted warm socks from Etsy all rolled up. It could probably hold about 10 pairs! Then tuck some greens in and some organic teas. Just lovely. Who doesn't love warm cozy socks to wear around the house? I sure would.

And here are some of those darling socks that I was talking about to fill this vintage box with.

Do you have any ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping? I would love to hear from you if you do!


  1. I've heard of wrapping gifts in old newspaper or the comics section of the newspaper...I've never actually done this since I don't get a normal newspaper, but it's a good idea for those that do buy the daily or weekly paper. Also, if you were to wrap presents in old sheet music, I'd probably have the urge to bring out my flute and play the music before opening the gift :) hehe

  2. It would make my day to hear you play the flute!!