Monday, November 25, 2013

Ho Ho Holy Motherload...

I had a very busy weekend with friends and family. I packed in a lot of things in a short amount of time. It was great. One of the things I did was go antiquing with family. We found a little antique shop and while browsing through, I was literally stopped in my tracks! I spotted them hanging from a chair... ANTIQUE SLEIGH BELLS! I know, not everyone gets as excited as I do about such things, but I have wanted these FOR-EV-ER... They are in such immaculate condition. The leather is worn beautifully, but still holding strong. Each bell rings. The buckle is still intact. They are just perfect. I was able to get them for a better price by telling the woman that I was obsessed with the sleigh bells and I promised they would go to a really good home. Done deal!!

These sleigh bells were used on a smaller horse or pony around its neck. All I was picturing was a horse running around in the snow, jingling all the way. That's what I love most about antiques. I always try to envision who used it, how it was used, all the history behind it, all the stories it tells. To me, it's so much better than buying something all shiny and brand new. Sometimes I even make up my own stories as to how a vintage piece in my home must have been used. Someone loved it once, and now it's mine to love...

I am going to hang these on the inside of my front door with greenery and a ribbon. Every time we come in and out, I will hear those sleigh bells ring, and it will simply make me happy. It's the little things in life that I stop to enjoy. I don't think I will take them down after the holidays either {I'll just take the greenery and bow off. Leave the bells.}

I'll post a picture once they are all decked out for Christmas, but for now, here they are...

I love, love, love them!
Do you have something simple that makes you happy? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Beautiful find!! I can't wait to see them on your door, all dolled up!
    My obsession - antique cow bells!!

  2. Thank you!! Antique cow bells are fantastic!!