Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Making Your Home Glow...

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas hot on its heels, it's time to celebrate. These ideas from pinterest are spot on. It starts with the front porch. But don't forget the mantel, and adding lots of candles and white lights to make things festive. Blankets in plaids and cozy throw pillows help complete a winter look. Enjoy!

If you have a front porch, adding lanterns and greenery is a must. It is so welcoming!

The vintage skis look pretty too.
Loving the bells on the back of the chair. Great idea.

 This simple, pretty tree is perfect. Not too overwhelming; it looks just right.

Candles are a definite must. I love using tons of candles for any holiday. I will admit, I do get a little nervous about starting a fire though. So watch them burn carefully...

More candles. How pretty. This is how I want to decorate my mantel this year. Just candles and greenery.

And a beautifully set table. What a creative look to hang candles from a branch too. 
Just say yes... to white lights. Anything with white lights looks instant glam and pretty.

This is my favorite... A cozy plaid blanket, a fire, a mug of something warm and some logs. Perfect!

This leather carrier for logs is beyond beautiful. I keep my logs in a vintage copper container next to my fireplace. I love it but this look just might win me over.

How do you make your home warm and inviting for the holidays?


  1. I LOVE that old copper log container, I must have one!!