Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Cut Or Not To Cut...

We have some great Christmas tree farms around here where you can cut your own tree down. We used to do it every year, but eventually we got lazy about it and started buying pre-cut ones. Not near as much fun. I remember one year we were dropped off in the middle of the "forest" by a giant tractor. We were the only ones there on that morning. Dressed in winter gear with our noses red from the cold, we searched and searched until we found the perfect tree. It was a little like being on a mission back then. When we spotted it, we both knew it. My hubby sawed it down and we strapped it to the roof of the car. We would play Christmas music while decorating it. It was pure fun.

When and why we started doing the pre-cut tree I'm not exactly sure. But this year, I want to go back to our old tradition of cutting down our own. We always get a Douglas fir... They are just right; not too prickly... and they smell so good. I also don't like putting millions of ornaments on the tree. I think it stresses me out because I know how much work it will be to take all those decorations off that tree. I use white lights and a moderate amount of ornaments. But when it's finished, it always makes me so happy to sit in my living room with the tree and its white lights twinkling.

This is pretty much what I look like when I'm bundled up for my tree hunting mission.

I wish I could find a spot that brought you by horse sleigh to get a tree. So far I've only found places that bring you by tractor. Fun, but not quite the charm of a horse sleigh!

Such a beautiful tree farm. I love going to places like this for my trees. They usually serve hot cocoa too!

I would love to know your traditions. Do you cut your own or buy pre-cut? Do you decorate to the nines or keep it simple?

Pictures via pinterest.

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