Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Farm Sink Envy...


I love pinterest. You can pretty much find anything you're looking for on pinterest. Then you pin it to your little board. Easy. My main board is for decorating. That's the one with the majority of my pins.

Like this kitchen... I love white cabinets. I love glass doors on cabinets. I love black or oil rubbed bronze hardware.

I have recently started liking open shelving in a kitchen. I have also recently started loving butcher block counters in a kitchen. My granite counters serve me well though. I put hot pans directly on the counters all the time; that would not be so good with butcher block counters... but that doesn't mean I can't love them. I just can't have them because I'll mess them up on install day with a hot pan. Oops.

More about this lovely kitchen... Hardwood floors in a kitchen are a yes. My favorite thing is to use an old farm table as a kitchen island. And don't even get me started on that beautiful farm sink. It's the one thing I didn't get in my kitchen that I really, really wanted. Recently, I sauntered over to my brother's house to see his newly renovated kitchen... I spied with my little eye a huge handmade copper farm sink. Yep, I can openly admit that I have farm sink envy. But I do prefer a white farm sink though...

So this is pretty much the perfect kitchen to me. It's not huge with cathedral ceilings and an open concept {I think I'm the last person left on earth who doesn't like an open concept. I prefer separate rooms... like a house built in the 1920's with tons of character!}

I wish I could see what everyone else's kitchens looked like! What is your favorite part of your kitchen?


pic via: pinterest

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