Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Is Good...

I have a life out of balance right now... It feels all out of whack. Grrrr! Hate this feeling.

You know how I've been working out? My motto used to be this:

I have needed that motto on many a day to motivate me to get moving.

Well, yesterday I worked out and good things didn't come. What came was major dehydration. I was shaking and dizzy after my workout. I felt sick to my stomach. My trainer made me drink a shot of something filled with electrolytes. It was the first time I felt bad after working out rather than really strong and good.

Then today I woke up to my cell phone being in a puddle of water. I cut a pretty hibiscus and put it in a mason jar on my kitchen counter. My cat decided to knock it over, which led to the water being pooled around my phone that was charging on the counter. So I'm off to get a new phone this morning.

My house feels disorganized and so do I. I have been working non-stop lately. I am waiting for the summer dip that happens every summer when business slows down. I am over extending myself in anticipation of the dip... but the dip hasn't happened yet. So now I'm just getting stressed out.

I am writing all this because it's my real life story and it's far from perfect. It's my journey. Good days and bad days. Believe me, I know it's not really a bad day... it's just an off day. I'm not complaining, I'm just writing it to release it. Once it's out of me, I can move on.

I am striving for a life of peace and balance. Not every day because that would be impossible. But on most days...

So I will meditate on my drive to get a new cell phone. I will seek out an extra 10 minutes tonight for some time to quite my mind and myself. I will sit silently for 10 simple minutes. I will change my thoughts from "wah" to "shut it girlfriend, life is good."

Starting now!


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