Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Wise Owl Once Said... Take Care Of Your Health...

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I try to incorporate most of these healthy habits into my day {notice I said most... it's still a work in progress!}

But in an effort to inspire you, I wanted to share with you my little tricks of getting it done.

Take a look at these 10 Healthy Habits... {I love this list!}

0 hours of television: I can't say that I watch 0 hours of television, but I do try to limit it. I like to read instead. But I'm not going to lie... if one of my few favorite shows is on, I'm gonna watch! Although I do enjoy reading more than tv...

1 hour of exercise: I just ordered these ASICS running sneakers online yesterday. I am kind of getting obsessed with the benefits of exercising, and it motivates me even more when I have comfortable {and super cute} kicks on. These are so rad in person {I saw them at the store but they didn't have my size so I had to order online.} Not to mention my old sneakers were really expensive and they gave me blisters {which really annoyed me!} My "sign" that it was time for new ones was when I stepped in dog shit {sorry for the curse but by then I was extra mad!} and it was embedded in the crevasses of the sole. Say no more... done deal. New kicks are on the way! Giddy up.

2 liters of water: I have well water and I love the taste. I fill up a big pitcher of water and put sliced cucumber and fresh mint in it; I keep it in the refrigerator so it stays cool and is on hand when I need to get some hydration. Much more enjoyable that way! Though the mason jar idea is really cute too.

3 cups of hot green tea is a stretch for me. Why? Because I hate the taste of green tea. I have to put honey in it or I can't even drink it. I probably drink about 3 cups per month. So like the rest of my healthy lifestyle, I will "lean" into it, starting with a cup or two a week. Then work up to a cup or two a day. But if I'm going to drink yucky green tea, I'm definitely going to use a pretty mug to drink it out of! Maybe it will make it taste better...

4 short mental breaks: a little zen and meditation in my day. I have no problem doing this. Deep breathing, clearing my mind, saying a mantra. Trust me, it really does help! Give it a whirl...


5 small meals: This is so much better than 3 huge meals that make me feel full and sluggish. Eating light and healthy fills me up because I'm getting my protein and vitamins/nutrients. Egg white omelets with avocado are my favorite. I usually have strawberries or yogurt too with it. And that counts as my dinner! I have organic oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts for breakfast. And a giant organic salad for lunch. Healthy and delicious.

6 AM wake up time: Okay, so I'm definitely going to have to work up to this one... I get up usually at about 7:30, but wouldn't it be lovely to see the sunrise? To have a bit more free time in the morning so I'm not rushing about? Yes, it would. I want to start doing this one for sure!

7 minutes of laughter: now this one I actually overdo. I laugh way more than 7 minutes a day. One conversation with my best friend on the phone {and we talk about 4 times per day} has me laughing so hard I can hardly breathe. I laugh with my husband. I laugh with my brothers. Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh. Not a polite little laugh either, but a bust your gut kind of laugh. We're like that in my family... all laughers. And I really believe laughing can brighten your mood in seconds.

8 hours of sleep: Again, no problem with this one... But my sleep is not great. I can never fall asleep fast. As soon as my husband's head hits the pillow, he's out for the count. How does he do that?! I wish I could be so lucky. Then I wake up at least 4 times per night. I am a very light sleeper. So even though I easily get 8 hours of sleep, it's interrupted sleep... I gotta work on that one! One thing that definitely helps is my sleep mask. I use it every night to block out the light. I love it and think my sleep has greatly improved because of it.

9 PM off to bed: Again, no problem here. I go up to bed and read before trying to fall asleep. When I was away last week, I slept like a baby. I wish my room was as tranquil and cozy as this one is. Work in progress...

10 prayers of gratitude: I have a million prayers of gratitude. I am so blessed in my life in so many ways. And beyond thankful. Truly.

Hope you enjoyed this little dose of inspiration for health and lifestyle.

Monday is a fresh start to a week of great things that have yet to come. Be open to the beauty that the days of your week may bring into your life!


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