Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two Treats...

Hi there.

There are two things I do that are kind of like little treats for myself. I have no idea if they work or if there's actual research behind it... but I like it. So I do it.

The first is dry brushing my skin. Some of the benefits are supposedly that it stimulates your lymphatic system, increases circulation, exfoliates, relieves stress and improves digestion and kidney function. Again, I have NO idea if these are true... I think it feels really good and I like the way my skin looks after. Really soft. The key is to use long strokes going toward your heart. That's what "they" say to do.

Here is a picture of the exact dry brush that I use:

But there are tons of other options. You're supposed to use a natural bristle though... again, so they say.

My next treat is a foam roller. It is like a massage for your muscles without having to go to a spa. It supposedly releases muscle tightness and knots. But I'm not going to lie... at first this hurts, but it's kind of like it hurts so good... Once I got used to it, it was just pure awesomeness. On my back and legs especially. Love foam rolling. Again, I have no idea if there is research behind it, but I like it, so I do it... 

Foam rollin' the legs!

Always give yourself little treats! You deserve them.


pics via: pinterest


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