Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Sweetest Little Table I've Ever Seen...

Once upon a time, a husband and wife went to a tag sale because the husband saw a riding lawn mower that he had to have... I stayed in the car because there wasn't much at the tag sale and who cares about a riding lawn mower, right?

The lawn mower was sold already... hubby was sad. But not sad enough to walk past this adorable little telephone table. He came back to the car, toting it in hand, saying he bought it for me to refinish. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

It was love at first sight. Why? Because she had cup rings on her surface! {That means she was well loved in the previous home, not just left in a dark basement.} She needed wood glue in a few places... She had tall gangly legs like a little newborn filly... She had a few flaws and imperfections... just like me. Just like everyone. And that is what made me love her.

I haven't decided if she is a keeper or going up for sale. Something in me really wants to keep her. It's such a simple, delicate piece. I painted her a beautiful shade of soft blue {my favorite color} and the inside little shelf a dove grey. I distressed and dark waxed the entire table, and then clear waxed it for extra protection. No more cup rings on this girl. I kind of think I have the perfect spot for her in my home...

I just said I couldn't blog until I finished a piece, not finished and sold a piece. So she might just have to stay put with me.

 And now... I can blog again.




P.S. Hubby got his awesome new riding lawn mower the next day. He was once again a happy man. The End.

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