Sunday, January 18, 2015

Adoring Dreamy Whites...

Good morning!

Do you have a favorite blog? My favorite blog is called Dreamy Whites. Her style is so farmhouse chic. I adore everything about it. Her home is decked out in multiple shades of white. Now, I love white as much as the next girl, but how on earth do you keep all that white furniture clean when you have a bunch of paws jumping around?

Well, I follow her on instagram, so I decided to ask her just that. She posted a picture of her beautiful couch all in white. The photo showed the back of the couch though so it was more focused on the room as a whole. I was more focused on how to keep that couch clean...

She answered me within about an hour which is so sweet. I thought her answer was going to be one of two things...  Either:

A: Slipcovers.

{Slipcovers are great since you can wash them, but I would be washing them every other day; not practical.}


B: We don't let our dogs on the sofas.

{Again, not a practical answer for our house because the dogs jump on the sofa, like or not.}

But her answer was C: I put a vintage French sheet on the sofa so that I can wash it easier than washing slipcovers.

I actually loved that answer because it is SO practical that I can't believe I didn't think of it. People always just say wash your slipcovers. But that's a pain when you would be washing them constantly. So her suggestion is definitely a keeper.

Here is a picture of her style directly from her blog:

Have fun looking through her beautiful home and shop. I know I do...


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