Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Perfect Day...

Squeeze a nap in there and I would be one happy girl.

Waking up isn't all that easy for me. I'm not exactly an early morning person. But I do have my alarm clock that wakes me with chirping birds, so I can't complain too much.

Green tea... I love my tea, especially in my new aqua tea kettle. So soothing.

Workout: I have been going to boot camp consistently twice a week and it's helping me to feel amazing. I need to keep it up {and I actually want to keep it up! I look forward to going every week.}

A warm shower to get me going in the morning is a must. Wash away the sweat of my workout! With organic peppermint soap for a little pep.

For breakfast I usually have my protein shake. It fills me up to the brim. And tastes yummy too.

Read: Give me a good book and I'm glued. Right now I'm reading Wild. I'm liking it...

I hate cleaning, but when I do clean it makes me feel calm on the inside and organized on the outside. Definitely good for my anxious mind.

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day. I go big and strong for lunch. I can eat like a man when it comes to my lunch so don't get too close to my plate or I may bite you...

Dance: I will admit to dancing in the car while I'm driving on a pretty regular basis. No shame in that!  

Laugh: If I'm not laughing, there is a problem. I laugh a lot... Usually inspired by my best friend. Tears roll down our cheeks pretty much every day. Gotta love a friendship like that.

Dinner: Meh... I'm not much of a dinner person. But if I am starving, pasta it is. {Not the healthiest choice, but sometimes a girl just needs a giant bowl of pasta, and that's that!}

I cannot go to bed without taking a hot shower. No matter what time of the night it is, I have to hop in the shower to rinse the day away. Organic lavender soap at night. It calms and warms me so I'm ready for bed! It is a must in my book.

Sleep: Ah, the best time of the day. I love my sleep, even though I wake up about 75,000 a night. I still love my sleep.

And that my friends is the perfect day of self care!  Some days need to be all about you. Don't feel guilty. Feel healthy. Feel energized. Feel like the best version of you. Your family will love you more for it because you will be happier and that happiness will trickle down to them!


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