Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Simple Joys Of Life...

Good Morning!

In my quest to pare down...

Create a tranquil environment around me...

And live a life of simplicity...

I decided to write about one of the simplest joys in life...


A chaotic environment breeds chaos.

Being around frenzied people creates anxiety and frenzy.

Who has time for that?

Look for easy and simple things to bring a little tranquility into your life.

Again, tea. How simple...

Lately I have been drinking lots and lots of tea. There are so many kinds to choose from; ones to make you sleepy, energized, calm, the list goes on and on. My favorite brand is Tazo. They make wonderful organic teas.

I love the ritual of making a great cup of tea. Although I do not use a dainty tea cup. I prefer a giant handmade mug to wrap my hands around and soak up the warmth of that tea physically in my entire body. I don't hold it by the handle; I hold the whole mug with both hands. Instant hand warmer on a cold morning.

I hate warming my tea in the microwave. And since I have been drinking so much tea lately I decided to order a sweet little tea kettle to boil my water in the proper way. I wanted this lovely vintage one from Etsy, but it was sold already! Rats.

So I just ordered this darling little one instead. For sure not the charm of the vintage one, but still sweet, and I adore the color. I just wanted something simple. Nothing fancy or tricked out.

Then a handmade tea cozy to top it off. How pretty, right?


What a beautiful handmade ceramic mug from Hodaka Pottery. Love it.

And then it's time to enjoy your giant soothing mug of tea. I hold it just like that. Perfect!

Enjoy your day and grab a mug!


pics via: pinterest, hodaka pottery from etsy.

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