Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Little House By The Sea...

I love a little home like this... We don't need a lot of space in a home. In fact, I think it's cozier and brings families closer together to have small digs {but I would insist on at least 4 or 5 acres.} I would much rather have outdoor space than indoor space. Fire pits, dining al fresco and hammocks all make for great outdoor living. And just look at that blue door. It's my favorite color. It screams "Welcome Home!"

I would live in this darling little house in a second flat. As my primary home. But I would also love it as a second home, sitting in a little beach community where people travel by vespa or bike. Lucky for me I already have a vespa. Now I just need the beach house! {I'm envisioning Sanibel Island here..} Then I wouldn't need all that land. Just the beach. And an escape from the cold for a weekend here and there.

This little gem of a house reminds me to live simply. Cut out all the excess. I don't need or want excess stuff; it just clutters a space and the mind. In a house this tiny, I would imagine you just keep what you love and think twice before buying anything new. For me, living simply is what truly makes my soul the happiest.

Pic via: Better Homes and Gardens

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