Sunday, January 26, 2014

Out With The Toxic... In With Au Naturale...

I have been on a mission to rid my makeup and other beauty products of toxic chemicals {my home cleaning products too, but that's for another post..} It's definitely not easy though. I still have yet to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner that actually works on my hair. But I have found some things over the past year that I can't live without. My goal is to buy one new thing per week and toss out it's counterfeit chemical laden friend that I'm replacing it with. I am posting a few of my absolute favorites for you to consider. I'm not saying any of these are perfect... just that they are way better for me than what I previously used {in terms of the ingredients.} Here are my top picks:

HEAVEN doesn't even close to describing how I feel about this face scrub. I am completely obsessed with it. It smells and feels so good on my face in the shower. Trust me on this one, it is divine...
I love all suki products but this one takes the cake. Seriously!

This is the best I've found so far for natural toothpaste. I know, toothpaste is boring, but I still thought I would add it to my list since I use it multiple times a day...

This tinted moisturizer is called 100 % Pure. It gives me a healthy glow with fruit pigments. I use it every day. It you prefer heavier coverage you most likely won't like this. It is more of a lightweight touch of color and coverage for your face. Kind of makes you look like you went on a mini vacation. Not too much color but just enough to make you look rested and relaxed!

This is my "be all, end all" weapon of choice. I use it on everything. Hands, nails, lips, eyes, feet, legs... all before bed. I don't mind the coconut smell. I scrape it out of the jar and once it's on my skin, it is a bit oily at first, but it soaks in rather quickly. It really gives me the softest skin around. 

I mean really, so many to choose from!! Who doesn't love Dr. Bronner's? I have tried almost every one of them. None disappoint. Right now I am using the almond one. This is what I shave my legs with in the shower. There are so many uses for this great soap too. I think the bottle tells of 18 different uses for it.

I am a bath kind of girl. When I take my nightly soak, I put in some epsom salt. It has magnesium and sulfate {which are said to flush toxins out of the skin.} It helps with achy muscles after a strenuous horse ride, but also makes my skin feel silky soft too!

Tinted lip balm is the best because it's a "no mirror required" kind of look. Right? Just slap it on and all is well. I love these versions from Burt's Bees. I own several of them. They give you just the right hint of color. Like you were just eating a strawberry. Or a raspberry. But not a blueberry...

I know I've mentioned this brand before {Treefort Naturals} but this deodorant is my favorite. First of all, it actually works and it smells great too {if you like a hint of coconut scent.} I can't rave about this enough. I've tried really expensive high end to grocery store brands of natural deodorants, and this is hands down the best I've ever come across. Love it.

And her soaps are just as good. I have a huge stack of these yummy bars in my linen closet because I fear running out. Once you use them, you just can't go back to Dove or those other brands.

No Miss nail polish... I don't really paint my nails because I horseback ride and well, it's just not conducive to riding. But I do paint my toes, and I love this brand. It doesn't chip too badly and comes in lots of great colors.
I also don't regularly wear perfume. But when I do, it's Kuumba Made roll-on oil. I have my go to scent that whenever I wear it, I literally have people smelling me, asking me what I'm wearing. Swear. I get so many compliments on it. Pick an oil that suits your sense of smell and body chemistry. You won't be sorry!

Ahhh, my Badger Balm... I put this on my lips or cuticles. I love the lavender and bergamot scent. I use it on my hands and feet sometimes too. I keep it on my bedside table. Love this stuff.

This is my favorite eye cream made by Earth Science. I put it on every night before bed to help stave off wrinkles and dark circles. And who wants wrinkles or dark circles?? Not me!

This is my next purchase... I've been looking for natural mascaras and this one seems to be highly recommended. It's Afterglow Cosmetics, pure soul mascara. I'll let you know my review once I use it for about a month. Hopefully it doesn't give me raccoon eyes, but rather fluttery long lashes.

So there you have it. My little list... I will be adding more products weekly in my life {and perhaps on my blog.} I hope you found one or two things helpful.

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