Friday, January 24, 2014

House Versus Home...

Do you have a house or a home? Weird question? Not really... There is a difference.

To me, what makes a home {versus it just being a house} is first and foremost the people and pets who live among its walls. But that's just speaking the obvious.

There is oh so much more to it than that.

These are my thoughts on what makes a house a home... I do not want to live in a museum. I do not want to live in rooms that can't be touched or lived in. If there are rooms that are "off limits" except for when company comes over... that's not the way I want to be.

A home should feel lived in. There should be a vibe when you open the front door that says "we" live here. I want my home to say cozy, loved, peaceful, happy.

There are many ways to make your house your home. You have to put some YOU into it. Not just a decorator's or magazine version of what is pretty.

There are lots of things you can do. Let's start with some plants. Easy enough, right? {Actually not for me... I tend to kill any and all plants somehow. It pains me, but even the easiest of plants seem to die under my watchful eye. But I am determined to get more and keep them ALIVE.}

Plants say there is life here. They put off an earthy, peaceful vibe. Soil and sunlight are needed. Water {this is where I go wrong... too much, too little???} is needed. Simple acts from nature. Any time you can bring nature indoors, there is an instant soothing, calming effect.

Today I am going to hit up the local nursery near my home to buy a few plants for my kitchen counters. Just like these little beauties below from pinterest.

Everything in this picture is so simple yet so lovely.

I love these 4 little plants in a row along the window sill.

 Beyond being totally in love with this entire kitchen, I'm looking at that little topiary in the background. So perfect!

I love the aged and weathered little pots along the sill. Who wouldn't want to pluck some fresh basil from a little pot in their kitchen!

Step 1: Bring your house alive with plants! Give it that earthy, soulful vibe.

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