Monday, January 13, 2014

A Picture, A Painting, A Pillow...

Good morning! Have I told you lately that decorating makes me happy... my home, my friend's home, my office. You name it, I'll decorate it. I love that you can add one piece to change the entire feel of a room. Or a splash of color. Or a picture. Or paint a piece. Or add any object that you love. So below are some examples that I pulled off of pinterest to change a whole room {some easily, others taking a bit more time and money.} But all really make for a lovely looking room.

I love this shade of blue. Line a few of these stools along your kitchen island to add some instant farmhouse glam to your home!

 Add a fun pillow to a sofa, chair, bed or bench... so easy, right?

This coffee table is not your typical rectangular shaped coffee table. It brings so much character to the room. It has a chunky, substantial feel. The flowers are so perky and bright! I am loving those hardwood floors too. Yum.

By putting up a little gallery of pictures, your eye is drawn to the corner of this room. Vintage prints, black and white photos, even new pictures, it doesn't matter. As long as the colors flow, it will work. The frames don't have to be all matchy matchy either. 

Or dare to be bold and add just one very large picture... look how the room transforms. I LOVE this. Just beautiful.

My coveted little stag head {that I have yet to buy... but I will} in an office. I knew I wouldn't be the only one to tuck a flower behind its ear! So adorable.

A different take on a headboard... some visual interest for sure. I want old barn doors as a headboard.

Or you can paint a piece a vibrant shade to shake things up a little.. the yellow is so cheerful. When you're sick of it, just repaint it.

Curtains don't have to be white, beige or a solid color. These would look beautiful in my home office. Fun and a little sassy. Just like you... {wait... or is that me?}

Simple, simple, simple... twigs in glass bottles. So easy but such a beautiful presentation. Love this look.

Add an object or two to your space. A few gorgeous Turkish bath towels {love them!!} to your bathroom makes for a really cool vibe. They easily add a bit of luxury to your space too.

Then, pull it all together... This is Reese Witherspoon's home. Don't be afraid of some color... if your heart wants a little color, go for it. Now, I wouldn't paint the walls in a bright color, but adding some color with pillows, throws, books, etc. can change the look of your whole room, but... you can easily switch it to something different if it's just colored accessories.

Happy Monday! Now... I've got a bedroom to go switch up.

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