Friday, January 31, 2014

One Badass Girl... And Sew What?

Good morning my sweet little wrens. I have two totally unrelated topics to talk about today...

I'm not too much of a t.v. girl. Or a movie buff. Ask me if I've seen any movie from the past 5 years and most likely my answer will be no. I just can't seem to sit through a movie. But anyway, that is not the point. What I do watch comes on every Thursday night. I love to hop into bed and watch my two favorite shows. Luckily they both fall on Thursday night!

Have I told you this before... my love for Nicole Curtis? She restores uninhabitable, squalid houses into beautiful, glorious homes. She is such a badass girl, I adore her. She does not shy away from anything. She jumps on a backhoe without issue. Uses any kind of power tool, knocks down walls, refinishes floors, rips out tile, the list goes on and on. She tries to recycle and reuse everything; not wanting to waste a drop of her resources. She inspires me beyond words! Love her and everything she stands for. I mean really, just look at her. Strong, powerful, confident. My kind of girl. If you've never seen her show, you should tune in. It's called Rehab Addict on HGTV every Thursday night.

My next topic du jour is that I want to learn to sew. I have a sewing machine. I have sewn. But I can't really sew... So I can't sew... Sew what! I can learn! But I am pretty intimidated by that fast moving needle... I'm not going to lie, it is a little scary! But I really, really want to learn. What would I make you ask? {or not...} I would love to make some really cool tote bags. Yes, I am a wearer of the gigantic tote. I carry everything, which might not be the best thing in the world for my shoulder, but if I need it, I dig... and I find it. These tote bags are all from SKmodell. I love her style. And all of her pieces are handmade.

I use a tote bag for work because I have some essentials that I need to carry around. This bag is vegan and would fit all of my work essentials nicely.

This is for going to the market; instead of using the dreaded plastic bags. So cute! It comes in different colors too.

This is much smaller than I am used to, but I love the fabric. I love mustard yellow. I like the hook closure and long strap to go across the body.

This is again kind of the perfect work tote for me. I like the subdued colors and the linen fabric. Very pretty indeed.

This is fun for the summer. Floppy and brightly colored. Worn with jeans, a white tee and flip flops. Such a cute look.

Again, I would wear this with the same outfit as above. It can hold everything a girl needs in a pinch. Even a book when there is unexpected downtime!

Now, if only Nicole Curtis and I could be friends, AND I could learn to sew, my day would be complete! Just kidding... But neither would hurt.

Oh happy happy Friday!!!!


  1. I watched her show for the first time last night...years and years ago HGTV was a force to be reckoned with but I don't find anything worthwhile to watch on HGTV anymore so I was thrilled when I saw this show! I mean, how many "House Hunters" can you possibly stand to watch?!?!? I loved the way she had her mom helping out....reminds me of me and my daughter!

    1. Hi Judy.
      I love how she works with her mom too! They make a great team. The skirt they made for the sink was so darling!