Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Choices We Make...

Sometimes we just want to quit while we're ahead. Curl up in bed for the day and not face the world. Sometimes it would be easier to just say "okay, I give up already!" I have had a few of those moments this past week. Nothing earth shattering, but definitely challenging to my core. Yes, sometimes I just want to say "Uncle."

But today is not that day. Today I pushed myself through a fear that literally sometimes makes my hands visibly shake. I'm sure we have all had those moments, right? Our knees shake, our palms sweat, our feet tingle, our thoughts go to "I can't do this." I know I am not the only one. When I think about something tough or difficult that is going on in my life, I know I have two choices.

A. I can walk around the fire.
B. I can walk through the fire.

The destination at the end is exactly the same. It's the journey of getting there that is totally different.

Sometimes {every ONCE in a while} I will give myself permission to walk around the fire. Sometimes it's just what I need to do to make my life feel sane and calm. Simply put... it's just easier.

But it's those other times I'm talking about here... the times when I push myself {sometimes kicking and screaming inside the whole time though} to walk through that proverbial fire. Because think about it... what does it take to walk THROUGH the fire? It takes fearlessness, boldness, power, balls, tenacity, determination, courage, bravery, strength, confidence and self-esteem.

So after I've walked through that scary, intimidating, fear invoking fire, I can look back and say that I WAS fearless, bold, powerful, ballsy, tenacious, determined, courageous, brave, strong, confident, and had enough self-esteem to do it. Today, I was given an out... I really was. I didn't have to do it. I easily could have walked around the fire. But I said no. I said I am going to do this. And I did.

And what a difference it made. Truly. So today, I walked through the fire, not around it. And it felt so empowering. Like superman. And that has made all the difference.

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