Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello Long Lost Friend... We Missed You So...

Good morning!
Seasons are a beautiful thing... until I can't stand one more day of winter. Then I long for Spring deep in my bones. And today, it is here... finally!
It felt like forever, but yesterday, winter was officially over, and today, Spring is here!
So welcome old friend; we have been waiting for you with bated breath and cold noses! There might be a lot of pressure on your shoulders to deliver...
Spring is such a time for renewal. The earth provides with so many lovely changes, most anticipated is the warmer weather. But there is more: 
New life and new beginnings...

Bountiful flowers in every color imaginable! Intoxicating smells that bring your insides alive.

And these little guys begin hopping around my yard too. Haven't seen one yet, but I know they're coming...

And views like this that need to be soaked in.

Spring... You were worth the wait!! I will enjoy every moment of you {especially when my lilac trees bloom under your care!}
pics via: pinterest

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