Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MV Or Bust...

Good morning!

We just booked our summer trip to Martha's Vineyard! I am so excited I'm bursting at the seams! We are staying for a week at the same house that we rented a few years back. It is a cedar shingled beauty that is just what you think of when you imagine the Vineyard... I love the Vineyard. There is such a relaxed, easygoing vibe there and the people are so friendly.

I have so much on my to do list that I thought I would share it with you. Ready for this? Get out your paper and pencils... Eat, sleep, read, beach, shop. Whoa, slow down! So basically the theme of my trip will be "The Art of Doing Nothing." And I simply can't wait.

Shopping... there are cute little shops on the island that I love visiting.

Eating... Well, when in Rome...

Drinking... You can't eat lobster without a bit of this, right?

And you certainly can't go to MV without hitting up The Black Dog. 


Rental... this looks just like the house we're staying at. So beautiful, with a pool too. Oh my, I can hardly wait! Gotta get myself to the gym on the double!

Most days, this is where you'll find me. Basking in the summer's sun. Relaxing and recharging. But with lots of SPF and a cute wide brim hat to avoid getting those nasty wrinkles! 

Or you just might find me lounging with a good book. Maybe even in a canoe!

And here is "The Art of Doing Nothing" at its finest... napping in the grass. How lovely!

You know about my slight photography obsession, so there will be lots of pictures of this little summer sneak-away. We haven't had a full week away in a bit, so this is a treat and something we are sooooo looking forward to! Do you have any summer vacations on the horizon?
Happy Wednesday my lovies!

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