Thursday, August 14, 2014

Amazing Women...

There are several women who I hold in very high esteem.

Women who inspire me to the depths of my core.

I am an animal lover with all of my heart. Big and small, tame or wild. All beings.

This particular woman I kind of view as a hero of sorts.

Do you recognize her?

It is Jane Goodall...
Do you know much about Jane Goodall and her work? She was a woman well ahead of her time when she first started out all those years ago.

If you don't know much about her, take a minute or two {or 5 hours or 5 weeks} and look her up. It would behoove you to learn more about this mover and shaker. She is a one woman dynamo.

She has inspired me for years and continues to with her remarkable soul.


So beautiful. Look at the level of trust she has built with the mother. Remember... mother's in the wild will literally kill for their babes if feeling threatened.

One of my favorite pictures of her. Breathtaking.

Women inspiring women. Love it!


Pics via: Pinterest, Jane Goodall Institute

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