Friday, August 15, 2014

Barn Charm...

I have a slight love affair with barns. Okay, it's more than slight. More like total and complete obsession.

My dream house would actually be an old barn converted into a cool post and beam home. When I was little, I remember my friend's mom wanted to buy a huge old barn and convert it into a home and I thought it was just about the weirdest thing I had ever heard. She was so ahead of the curve. {She also did yoga before I even knew what yoga was. She was sort of a trend setter mom back then! And she bought a potted Christmas tree every year so she could replant it once Christmas was done. My friend was always mortified, but as an adult, I so get it! She was eco-chic too! Go Louann!!!}

Anyway, back to barns... My office at work is an old house that the landlord took meticulous time to gut and renovate. He kept the old charm of the home but added all new updates to make it work for a select few offices. I adore my office, but here is the kicker. Behind my office is a barn built in the 1800's. It is divine! So as I was chatting with my landlord today I was telling him how much I love the barn. He said he was thinking of renting it out... BUT, it would need a lot of work to have it safe enough for someone to actually use as an office. Oh how I want my office in a barn!

I would skip into work each morning if I could sit in a barn all day. He {landlord} said he is thinking of building a big barn {but will make it look old} to use as all offices. He is so my kind of a landlord. Cool dude to the core.

I told him to sign my name on the lease the day it's finished.

Here are a few mini "barn offices" that I covet...

Lucky girl... Check her out in there just typing away.

So adorable. Picture some window boxes outside too. I could pull 12 hour shifts in there!

And this one... yeah, I could convert that into a home. No problem. I think I would even let Isabel live in there with us!


Pics via: pinterest

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