Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You're Making Me Blush...


Something strange happened to me in my world of decor. I've become drawn to pink! Not hot pink, but more of a soft blush {hardly even notice it's there} pink. When did this happen?

I've never been opposed to pink, yet never have I been sucked towards it like a moth to a flame either. Well, it seems to be one of my favorite hues lately for some reason. And certainly not an explosion of pink. I'm not shooting for the look like someone threw up massive amounts of pepto bismol. Ew. I'm talking soft accents here and there.

I think I am drawn to the calmness of the color. Mixed with dark charcoal grays or even lighter heather grays. It's kind of a nice juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. Even though I'm definitely not a girly girl. I don't like ruffles, lace or anything frilly. That's just not me. But these few pink pieces really caught my eye. I smell a new decorating project on the horizon...

This is pink overkill for me... the walls, all the accents, etc. What I am drawn to is that beautiful sofa. With grey walls. Modern grey patterned pillows. That would be so lovely in my home!

Same thing here. It's a more vibrant shade of pink, but still, mixed with darker colors, I could definitely make this work for me.

I would love to drink my morning Isagenix shake out of one of these beauties. Such pretty details. Love.

Love the rustic shabby look of the kitchen with a fun pink refrigerator!

I also love the shabby look of this pink{ish} hutch. I am definitely doing this in my house. I'll paint the inside gray so my hubby doesn't feel like he's living in the depths of I Dream of Jeannie's pink bottle.

Blush is good.
pics via: pinterest

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