Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Place...

Hi there!

Last Saturday night I went up to my horse trainer's horse show. She was showing her beautiful new gelding. I was standing so close to the rail of the arena that dirt was flying at me from all the horses hooves.

It was a night of dazzling horses and elegant riders for sure. I was so nervous for her as they came bounding into the arena. My eyes were glued to them. The energy was palpable. Camera flashes going, people cheering... super exciting.

She won first place!

Afterward, I went to the stables where all the show horses were kept. My sweet Isabel was there too. I just had to go back to visit her. She saw me and started nickering. Melts my heart!

So not only did my trainer win, but I got to spend a rare Saturday night with Isabel. C'mon, what could be better?

Here she is, all sleepy and ready for bed... It was a late night.

Ugh, that pretty little face! I love her so much.


pic via: me

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