Monday, August 11, 2014

The Spilling Of My Heart...

Hmmm... not sure if I ever talked about this yet... I think not, so here I go.... This is me sharing deep within my heart.

I had a friend many years ago who was like my sister. Not my current bestie now. Not the one who I talked about that lives across the country either. A different one. She was a special friend indeed. We spent our entire high school years and many years thereafter by each other's sides. There through the ups and downs of life. Through the good and bad. Through the pretty and ugly. Through the thick and thin. All of it...

And then... we weren't. And it was my fault. We didn't talk for 9 years. Yes, 9 long years. Gulp.

Recently, I reached out to her. She responded immediately. Double gulp. Breaks my heart. Breaks my heart that I let 9 years pass too...


But the beautiful thing is that we have reconnected. We went to dinner and sat for many hours talking, laughing, crying. We hugged so tightly when we first saw each other we practically suffocated one another. And we wouldn't let go. We were both shaking.

I will never let time pass in that way ever again. Never. People... friendships... relationships... are not to be put aside. They are to be cherished and loved and tended to. I am so grateful that she was open to reconnecting...

I can kick myself for wasting 9 years or I can be thankful that I have her back in my life. I choose to be thankful {though trust me, there was a lot of kicking myself.} So much in our lives has changed in 9 years, but when we talked, it was like we never left each other. That is the beauty of a friend who has known you for that long. You pick up right where you left off. In this case, we had some other things to discuss first, but then, we were right back where we left off. I have learned such a life lesson from this. I can't even begin to explain it all here on this page. Words don't do it justice.

We are going out together again this week. I can't wait. We have been texting and calling each other. We are making plans for travel. I mean, come on. This only happens in the movies! But no, this is actually happening in my life.

So so so grateful.
Beyond blessed.
So lucky.
Second chances are possible.
Don't waste them.


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