Sunday, August 10, 2014

Toe That Line...

Happy weekend y'all!

It was a glorious weekend in CT. The weather was spectacular! So spectacular that I decided that I needed to start drying my clothes outside in the sunshine and warm summer breeze.

So off I went and bought a clothesline and hung it between two lovely trees in my backyard. I adore it! I already hung towels on it to dry. I won't be hanging any bras or underwear on that thing {even though I technically could because my backyard is totally and completely private.} It's more for towels, sheets, blankets and jeans. No undies. Who does that? Especially if you have neighbors. I just think that's kind of weird, but that's just me.

Now, for some reason, my husband hates it. Well, I happen to think it's farm girl chic. My laundry will smell like fresh grass and sweet summer. And I couldn't be happier. Love when a simple little thing makes my whole day happier!

Now I just need to find a cute little frenchy wire basket to hold all my clothes pins in!


Pic via: pinterest

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