Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It Starts With The Kitchen...


My latest and greatest idea is to host Christmas at my house this year. But, first things first. I need to redo some rooms before it's guest worthy!

I finally got my hubby on board for House Redo 2014... We are starting with the kitchen this weekend. I have cream colored cabinets and cream colored walls. Blah...

We're going to get color swatches Friday night and do some painting! At first I was thinking a shade of mocha on the walls with white trim... But that seems kind of blah too...

I have been pouring over pinterest, Houzz, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware but nothing is grabbing me!

So color wise, this is how my kitchen pretty much looks now. Same faucet and sink too. Pretty, but simple... Very neutral. {No strange candle light fixture in my kitchen though...}

Then I see a kitchen with shades of blue and I really gravitate towards that.

Not exactly on my cabinets, but on the chairs. Like these. I have them in my "cart" at overstock. I really think I want to order them.

However, then I see a natural looking kitchen and back I go to loving blah.

Next room will be the dining room. I will definitely keep you posted on how the kitchen turns out!


Pics via pinterest

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