Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Um Actually... Yes I Do Quit...

Okay, okay, I know. There were those of you who said Crossfit would be too hard. And I brushed you off like a nasty little bug on my shoulder.

Well, I don't say this often... but you were right. Way too hard. Like, I thought I was going to die on the floor in front of everyone hard. Literally die.

Not going back. Not for me. I Quit! But I am not quitting working out... just quitting what is not working out for me in my life. And that is okay by me and doesn't really count as quitting in my book anyway. These are my rules for my life. If I hate it, find something else. So I am. I'm trying a new place on Thursday. We'll see if that matches more with my life... you know, like being fit, not dead.

I'll keep you posted.

Another thing that happened to me is that I had to go to the eye doctor. He put me on these eye drops that I swear made me cross eyed this morning, but then I was fine. So was I hallucinating from these eye drops? We'll see tomorrow because I'm going to give them one more try. If I wake up looking like this:

then I'll be quitting the eye drops too...
Fingers crossed {oh please not eyes crossed} that my eyes are good tomorrow!
pic via: pinterest

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