Friday, April 4, 2014

Bold Ideas...

Morning my loves.

Someone emailed me yesterday about painting her kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. I think it's a fantastic idea, especially if you hate your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are something you have to look at and use every day. So if you hate them, then why not try to make them pretty? I'm sure it will be a lot of work, but the end result will be an aesthetic that matches more with your heart {and wallet.}

Luckily, I happen to love my kitchen cabinets, but only because we gutted our kitchen a few years ago and I got to pick the cabinets myself that I wanted. If I still had the cabinets that were here when we first moved in, I absolutely would have painted them by now.

You have to make your own pretty. Elbow grease doesn't cost a thing... It's much cheaper than paying contractors to do it for you. Yes, paint, brushes, etc. all cost money. But I am a firm believer that if you do your research, you can achieve anything.

After all, we are a bunch of supermen and superwomen on this blog, right? We are not afraid to take chances and be creative. We are fearless and bold. We are a little community of people {yes, both men and women!!} who show support {even though no one ever comments, I know plenty of you read the blog and support me and what I'm going for here... I know it because I get emails, I talk to some of you personally, I get facebook comments, and I can see how many hits I have to my blog each day. And there are plenty of you out there... and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that! And don't be shy about writing your comments here. I love hearing from readers!}

So to my reader who wants to paint her kitchen cabinets, I say run with it, make them shine and turn them into the kitchen cabinets of your dreams.

Here are a few examples of kitchens transformed! Beautiful, huh. You can either keep it unified in color, or distress it up {which is my way. I don't like perfect or pristine. I like old world, well worn and well loved. But that's just me...}

I adore this island! Perfection.

I like how these look a bit weathered and worn.

Distressed blue is one of my favorites.

Hope you have a fun weekend! Fingers crossed that it's sunny and nice in Connecticut so I can get some more pieces finished!!
Pics via: pinterest {sorry that I couldn't find exact sources on these pictures! I am pretty sure the first picture is from Blue Egg Brown Nest though. If it's not, sorry, my bad!!}

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