Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring = Al Fresco Dining Minus Sleet And Hail...

Good morning. Rise and Shine Loves!

Ah, Spring is here! I went out and bought lots of potted flowers for my front steps. {Lets just pretend that the little sleet/hail issue didn't happen last night.}

One of my favorite things to do in the warmer weather is dine al fresco. I'm not really a traditional patio table type of girl. I like eclectic mix and match way more. I will wake up and enjoy my coffee {or lately tea} outside. I will eat a salad for lunch outside. We will grill our dinner outside. We even sometimes sit outside with a glass of wine in the evening, relaxing. Spring brings so many joys after a long, cold winter. I deeply feel the excitement of the warmth and sunshine. It makes me appreciate it so much more.

In my quest to find the perfect table and vintage chairs for my back patio, here are a few pictures that caught my eye.

I am kinda in love with that old wooden table and those pretty wrought iron chairs. Nothing you would ever find in a chain store; perfect! Most definitely my favorite.

I love the vintage feel, but it might be a little too matched for me. I don't want a "set." But love those chairs again!

How fun with that tree stump table base. Great idea. Love this!

I'm a serious sucker for an old bistro table and chairs. If I end up buying a "set," this is the way I'll go. But definitely old and vintage. Reminds me of having breakfast in France.

Except for little problem of sleet/hail last night, I would have otherwise had my morning coffee outside today. Tomorrow is another day!


Pics via: pinterest

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