Friday, April 11, 2014

Your Buffet Or Mine...

Blogging and painting furniture makes me happy. Putting my energy into that is the best medicine!

I doubt you know this about me, but I have a slight obsession with buffets. I don't have one though. Nope, my dining room is on the tiny side so it would look too crowded. But I think they add such charm to a room. I definitely want to find a small one that would fit in my dining room. I'm envisioning fun dinner parties or even brunch with mimosas. Then game night would be sure to follow. I love games. We get a little rowdy and competitive in this family when we play games though, but that's part of the fun of it, right?

Back to buffets... I was out thrifting the other day and almost died when I saw the most beautiful vintage buffet ever. The problem? It had a "sold but not paid" sign on it. What?? I wanted sooo badly to buy it right then and there. So I'll go back later today to make sure the person who bought it but didn't pay for it actually bought it. Grrr...

I am picky about the buffets that I like though. I don't like ones that rest on the ground. I like legs. That's just me...

I adore this one and it just might fit in my petite dining room. I don't even think I would paint this pretty girl. She is darling as is...

This one would require some elbow grease and paint for me to fall in love. The bones of it are good, but it's too plain. No wow factor in its as is state.

I love the white and the shape of this one, but it needs to be roughed up a little for my liking. I like aged and distressed, not perfect or pristine.

This is similar to the one above that needed a little elbow grease. She looks much prettier with this minty shade of paint. And who doesn't love white string lights?

I adore the color of this one and like how it feels substantial for a room. Definitely a piece that I'll be keeping an eye out for during my antiquing, flea marketing or thrifting days! Just yummy!

I love all the curves on this piece. Nothing boring about it. A real beauty.


P.S. I am almost finished with a fantastic new dresser! Stay tuned.

Pics via: pinterest

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