Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mind... Body... And Soul

Hi Loves!

I do NOT want to be a preachy type of girl; I just want to share with you and hope to inspire you from my own personal journey. I know a lot of what I post has nothing to do with furniture, but that's how I roll...

I just got home from my workout.

And let me tell you... I was one of those people who actually hated working out. Yes, I hated it.

But here I am today to tell you something very different.

I feel better than I've ever felt before! It has stirred something deep within my soul that wants me to keep going. I truly believe that the mind, body and soul are all interconnected. If they are all in sync, all is well. If one is out of balance, no bueno!

But you have to find a way that works for YOU. My way does not include a gym at this point in time. Maybe in the future it will, but for right now, no gym. Along with working out comes eating so much healthier. I am trying so hard to eat organic and healthy foods only. Not a diet... Just much healthier eating. The healthier I eat, the less hungry I am too. It all works together like clockwork.

Since I'm feeling a bit sore after my workout, I will go to yoga to stretch and soothe my muscles and then we all meditate to ease our scattered minds.

What I love is that there is not a certain method or schedule that I have to follow. It's doing what works and fits into my busy life. But I have made a conscious effort to fit these things into my life. No more excuses of "oh, I don't have time." Yes I do! I will make time! What can be more important than one's health? It doesn't sound very fun to have to take lots of medications to lower this and that.

Soon enough this beautiful and amazing ripple effect started happening for me... and it all feels so very in sync. All is flowing. All is harmonious. All is balanced. All is well.


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